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Sunday simplicity
Between Phil and You
November 7 at 6:56am
Good morning! Welcome back to Eastern Standard Time. I hope you’re having fun re-setting clocks! Brisk 39 dg here, breezy, high clouds, some blue sky. 40s today. One word in the forecast shocks me.. snow. Eep. But part of a rainstorm, so it won’t stick. Empty parking lot… only 5 cars.

From: Sassy 
Subject: Very helpful dog video
Date: November 7, 2010 9:16:52 AM EST
To: Phil
If you want a laugh, check out this Jack Russell terrier 
who is the most helpful dog I’ve ever seen!
Useful Dog Tricks performed by Jesse
If you have time for more, here’s Jesse again with his pal, 
a German Shepherd named Kaine
Amazing Double Dog Tricks with Kaine and Jesse
[this one has disappeared from youtube 🙁 ]
November 7 at 12:28pm
Go team!
November 7 at 3:19pm
Hope you’re having a great football day! ESPN is great… I have two little “Gamecast” screens open, can see scores, plays and stats for two games! While getting other work done around the house.
November 7 at 4:22pm
Well. At least they both lost. *sigh*
November 7 at 4:29pm
or not! Congrats!

Sunday, November 7, 2010
4:42 pm Phil: My team wins! wins!  Wins!  PATs lose!
5:14 pm Me: WOOT!

November 7 at 9:40pm
Still watching football?
November 7 at 9:56pm
So fun to get your text! Even if it was a little bratty. 🙂

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