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Wednesday wondering
Between Phil and You
November 3 at 7:11am
Good morning! I hope your Wednesday is wonderful! Today’s weather is brought to you by the letter C – cold, crystal clear and calm. It’s 33 degrees, but supposed to get to 51. Brrr… Still quiet in the lot.

November 3 at 7:18am
Going off the grid for a bit this morning – dr wants more tests re: chest. Ick. Praying it’s nothing. Usually isn’t.
Phil November 3 at 8:00am
Good luck. Hope it turns out to be nothing
November 3 at 9:08am
Thanks! Stuck in waiting room… Dr delayed 20-30 minutes. Grrr… Busy day for you?
November 3 at 5:41pm
Hiya. Hope you had a good day. Is tonight your German dinner night?
Big news here is my dad starts hospice care tomorrow. So people will come in at home and help my mom. Sounds like a great idea, but means facing up to the inevitable. *sigh*
November 3 at 6:10pm
That’s so hard. I know, just did that with Sally’s Mom. Day was busy but OK. German night. Looking forward to a big German beer! Every thing OK at the Docs?
November 3 at 6:24pm
Ah. Good that you understand, probably more than I do at this point. If there are pointers to make it easier on me or my family, let me know. How long was you MIL under hospice care? I am sorry ask you about this stuff… it’s not fun and I don’t want to be a downer. But… if there are little ways you can help me without it being too much for you, I will appreciate it endlessly.
November 3 at 6:25pm
Had the ultrasound, definitely a new shadow there, so they did a needle biopsy to get 5 samples, will analyze and tell me Monday/Tuesday. Not painful. Now the waiting. Trying not to worry. Usually nothing. But the possibilities…scary. I can mostly shove it to the back burner.
My goodness, I am a font of medical yuck today! So sorry!

November 3 at 6:42pm
In better news, I got a lot done tonight on my project.  We’re starting a big publicity push! I get to post all over the internet tonight. I have a list of 16 places. And my sister told me that the minister at her new church has offered to come and bring a group! I am so lucky to have this coming right up, to distract me.
Have a fabulous time at the German place! I am so envious.
November 3 at 9:45pm
Hope the beer and food were wonderful!
November 3 at 10:17pm
In other news… from the “Miracles do happen” file, Hubby made me dinner! Neither of us remember the last time that happened. Chicken soft tacos, chips and salsa, mango slices. Yum.

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