Election Day

Election Day
Between Phil and You
November 2 at 7:35am
Good morning! Hope your Tuesday is a smooth one. Cold here… 42 and not going much higher. High clouds, big breeze blowing the flag straight out. 
November 2 at 7:43am
Did you vote already? We’re rolling out early to stroll half a block to the main street, then 100 feet to the polling station to do our civic duty. They hand you a ballot and a black marker and you fill in the dots. After watching my parents vote in a machine at the fire house from the time I was a toddler, I was astonished to see paper and pens here 30 years ago, and it hasn’t changed. The biggest race we have going is for Governor. Lots of other state positions open too, and three ballot questions trying to lower taxes. I will be so glad to have the robo-calls and nasty commercials stop.

Phil November 2 at 9:17am
I hate the calls too. I voted via absentee. It will be one of those that don’t get counted. Friggin Democrats. Mr Obama is going to have a harder time after tonight! It’s about time too!
November 2 at 3:55pm
Wicked bored. That’s all.

NCIS repeats

Between Phil and You
November 2 at 7:27pm
Don’t like it when NCIS is a repeat. And most of the other channels are election results. Ick. What’s a girl to do on a Tuesday night to stay out of trouble without NCIS?
November 2 at 10:41pm
went to Trader Joe’s tonight… do you have those around you? Got some great stuff for cheap. Nice to have different, healthy thing to eat. Black bean soup, butternut squash soup, mangos, skim buffalo mozzarella…
Very quiet here. Hoping you had a good day. Sleep well, sweet man.

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