Halloween frights

Friday frights
Between Phil and You
October 29 at 8:25am
Good morning! Happy Friday! I hope your day will be a wonderful one. Pretty morning here… just a few high clouds. But cool… 50 degrees now and not supposed to get much warmer. Many of the trees lost their leaves yesterday. The parking lot looks bigger, more open, with the stick-like trees.
Phil October 29 at 8:30am
Good morning. Bright, cool, gorgeous day here! Heading to the beach this afternoon. Going to be another busy weekend but we have football so it’s all good. How did everything go last night? Hope it went well! Writing letters and evaluations today. Yippee! Halloween this weekend. Always loved halloween.

October 29 at 8:32am
Everything went well. It’s magic when it all comes together!
I thought I might stay home, but I am going to the office. We’re starting on a new project and I should be there.  
Do you dress up for Halloween?
Phil October 29 at 8:44am
I do not dress up. Pull the fire pit down the driveway and watch the kids come. Just an enjoyable evening.

October 29 at 9:00am
What’s a fire pit?
You are so lucky to get kids. No one trick or treats here. And we’ll be away from home most of Sunday.
My niece went to a fun party at her pre-school yesterday. It’s called “trick or trunk.” 300 kids and their parents park in the school lot, decorate their cars, and the kids walk around and get candy out of the car trunks!
Phil October 29 at 9:46am
A firepit is a raised stainless steel drum that you burn wood in. You get this big blaze going, have a huge cooler of beer for adult trick or treaters.  We get 100 or so kids. It’s a neighborhood so it’s kind of nice.

October 29 at 10:29am
My co-workers had Halloween in the office today! I am not into costumes, but I put on a tiara and feather boa just to play along. Heh. 
October 29 at 2:05pm
Morning was busier than I thought! Boss, who rarely wants to see the budget, decided he did today. So I spent a couple of hours condensing the 36-pg budget report into 3 pgs. He’s great at his job, but not so much on the admin side and definitely not numbers.

October 29 at 2:28pm

Done with all my work. Even got ahead on tasks for next week. Friday afternoons are boring here. You driving now? Your stories last week made me smile all weekend. I have time to talk if you want company on the road for a little while.

[He called me! And bitched about his wife!  Yay!]
Saturday something
Between Phil and You
October 30 at 8:39am
Hiya, Philip! Good morning! Please have a super Saturday! It’s a cold morning here, only 41 degrees and not supposed to get much warmer. Brrr…. sunny with high clouds. We have company on the couch, so I can’t get out on the balcony right now!
October 30 at 8:47am
So good to get your call yesterday! Hope it helped to air some stuff. I’m never sure whether to just offer you an extra crispy bucket of sympathy, or to make suggestions… so I tried a little of both. It is frustrating that I can’t “just fix it.” I so want to make things better. But maybe shifting some of it onto my shoulders helps a tiny bit. Or with our two brains we’ll see a new option. But I love it when you tell me things. Good or bad. It helps other things make much more sense.
October 30 at 9:00am
We’re off to breakfast with company. Have a great day!
October 30 at 1:39pm
Had a great breakfast, then put our friend on the train home. Nothing like a good Eggs Benedict! And she paid!

Just paid the monthly bills online. Not fun, but good when it’s done!

New phone

Between Phil and You
October 30 at 5:44pm
Good news! Big sale @ t-mobile, finally got a smarter phone! Typing on a Samsung Vibrant. WOOT! Downloaded FB first thing. 🙂
Sunday superlatives
Between Phil and You
October 31 at 9:02am
Good morning! Happy Halloween! I hope you have a grand day with football and trick-or-treaters! Lovely morning here, 52 degrees. Supposed to stay that temp all day, with high winds. High clouds, quiet in the parking lot.
October 31 at 10:23am
I am nervous about a party tonight. Hubby (for the first time ever) made a bad scene at one last summer, drank, had a seizure (interaction of booze and his meds), blacked out. Big dilemma now about how much I should police him. Ugh. Wish you were here to give me advice… but this is not fun stuff, not your worry. Just send me good energy!
October 31 at 10:38am
Gotta run. I’ll follow the game on my new phone and hope your team makes you drink lots of touchdown shots! Go team!
Phil October 31 at 1:09pm
Go team! Good luck today. Hope everything goes well tonight.

October 31 at 3:01pm
Watching football on new phone!
October 31 at 8:51pm
Hope you had a great evening with lots of kids. See any memorable costumes? Any themes? Hope it wasn’t too cold out. It’s supposed to freeze here for the first time overnight.
Busy day for me – Had a “serious talk” with hubby about the party… hope it sunk in.  Tried to figure out phone… still tricky.  I talked with a friend at the party, asked her to call me if he needs me, before he gets into trouble if possible. Gave him cab fare. Praying he’ll do okay. Home now, keeping an eye on the World Series.
October 31 at 11:23pm
Got a classmates msg from another guy from our hometown! What is causing all this re-connecting? No one before and now 2 in 2 months. Bizarre. Another military guy. Who lives in…wait for it… the state you’re moving to! Yeesh. Not sure whether to answer.
How are you doing with your other reconnections? Anyone interesting? Any news from hometown peeps?
Heading to bed… you driving in the a.m? Call if you like. Sleep well, sweet man.
Phil October 31 at 11:30pm
Driving now

October 31 at 11:34pm
[Phil called me from his car and we talked for over an hour, until he was back in his apt. in D.C.  I felt especially close to him.  Damn, I adore talking to this guy!]  

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