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Hiya, Dear Readers!

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Or Happy Tuesday, if you are not a believer.

It’s time once again for a fabulous holiday edition of “Sassy Answers” – that wild and wacky time when we take a break from the fascinating conversation between Sassy and Phil, and your humble sexy blogger actually writes something for your eyes (rather than Phil’s).  Whee!

Q.  What are you doing for Valentine’s Day? 

A.  Working on my blog.   

Oh… you were asking something else, right?

Well, the real world will see me out after work with my adoring husband, strolling the aisles of Whole Foods, the local fancy-schmancy grocery store than I can not afford the rest of the year.  We try to avoid the crush of earnest men picking up flowers and chocolates at the last minute while we pick up items we call “treats” and take them home to “nosh.”  This allows us to avoid the craziness of the restaurant scene, have amazing food for less money, not cook, and buy food that’s bad for us but tastes soooo good!

Here’s a list of the items in our cart from previous years:

     Cocktail shrimp and sauce
     Mousse Truffee Pate on pita bread triangles

     French Saucicon (salami-like sausage)
     Green Olives with lemon and garlic (for H – Sassy does not like green olives!)
     Gourmet cheeses – triple creme brie, emmenthaler, appenzeller and Cotswald 
     Whole wheat and natural rice crackers 
     Guacamole and mango salsa and tortilla chips
     Honey roasted cashews
Fresh fruit:
     blueberries, raspberries, pineapple, mango, or strawberries (for H – Sassy doesn’t like them)
Chef Bruce Aidell’s Chicken Meatballs with teriyaki & pineapple, ginger & garlic
From the prepared foods counter: 
     Cous cous cranberry salad
     Spinach ravioli with pancetta, peas and garlic
     Teriyaki flank steak slices
     Cajun turkey tips
     Pulled Pork Platter (NC bbq, pickles, mashed potatoes and squash)
     Godiva chocolate raspberry domes
     Lake Champlain Hazelnut chocolate bar
     Hazelnut Chai bark
     Tropical dark chocolate with fruit bits and ginger (for H – Sassy is a milk chocolate girl)
Festive beverages:
     French Pomegranate Blueberry sparkling lemonade
     Lemon Ginger Beer
     Raspberry Ginger Beer 
     Sparkling apple cider
Snack: Lilly Movie popcorn 
We spread it out on the coffee table in the living room and eat watching something I want to see on television.  This year I am hoping for an episode of the new “Sherlock” from the BBC.  Whee!
And….we have leftovers for treats all week long.

For the record, we do not exchange presents.  And he does not touch me.  *sigh*
In my secret life, I am yearning fiercely for Phil, spinning out a very sexy scenario in my mind of what we would do if we were together.  I am looking at photos of him with his wife on Facebook.  I try not to pester him, knowing he should focus on her today.  I do send one message or text, to express how knowing him makes me understand this day in a new and wonderful way!
I hope you have a fabulous day whatever you’re doing and whoever you’re thinking about!  I hope someone touches you!  My fervent wish is that one day, the person holding your hand and the person you yearn for will be the same.  

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  1. Yum. Can I come over? Or at least have me over for leftovers?!

    I love Whole Foods. A great place to shop. Do you have a Trader Joe’s near you? That is another fun store. Lots of fun goodies to buy, but it’s always so damn crowded! 🙂

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