World Series Chat

October 27, 2010 Chat
10:07 pm hiya done cleaning?
10:33 pm Phil: hey, how ya doing 
10:33 pm Great! You? Tony Bennett is singing at the World Series!
Phil: how friggin awesome!
he sounded great! I just looked him up… He’s 84 years old!
Phil: my place is clean, sipping wine, watchin the game
red or white? still sounds great. hit all the notes.
Phil: red
how do you decide between beer, wine or scotch on any given night?
Phil: i like scotch for a post work drink, beer after a workout. wine to really enjoy
had all three tonight
some times just one, most nights nothing
I had a iced chai. Something about this humid weather… 
hadn’t had one in weeks but today, could not resist.
Phil: chai is not my favorite
sing it tony!
This game is kinda, I dunno, not play-off quality?
Phil: giants just the better team tonight
this guy killed them
So what did you clean?
Phil: Bathroom, kitchen, carpets, bedroom
10:45pm Phil: whipped up a chicken dish for supper, fresh veggies, brown rice, black beans and hot sauce mixed together. Delicious.
Romo looks so sinister
He reminds me of Franco Harris
what a play!
Phil: Yeah… not stellar stuff. Freakish.
that’s just pure athletics, that’s what makes baseball special
A play like that is just spectacular
Memorable for sure
Phil: yeah man
Can you make good use of the commercial?
Phil: huh?
Nolan Ryan doesn’t look happy
Phil: less happy now
I wish you were here to go out on the balcony with me…
it’s a gorgeous night… 70 degrees…breezy…
Phil: I’d like to see the view. Nice glass of wine, that would be nice. 
85 degrees at the beach today
11:10pm I would like it if you touched me…
or tell me what’s changed, so I don’t pester you?
Phew…long inning..
Phil: long inning. good for Giants fans! 
where would you like to be touched? 

11:16 pm Inside…   
11:19 pm deep…
Phil:  ah fingers in your pussy> i know you like that. 
Especially with my cock in your mouth
Phil: what you did not get was a mouthful of cum
Can I try again?
Phil: filled that pussy up a few times though
11:22pm mmmm….
Did any of it stick with you? I mean… something you could use… bunk material?
Or is the teenage stuff still the most useful?
Phil: of course
the teenage girl was spectacular, the now girl was a lot of fun.
loved you sucking me, pussy was tight and wet, was all hot, sexy and fun
loved dinner and talking. always did.
Yes… very interesting to me how balanced it was… how it was all good.
Phil: glad I was able to show you spots I enjoy
look forward to the same in december up there
Oh, yes…
I’ve been thinking about kneeling in front of you…
and you telling me what feels the best…
Phil: my cock down your throat comes to mind
Phil: ball game!
past my bed time. time for sleep
Thanks for watching the game with me.
11:38pm Phil: nite Sass
sleep well sweet man.
Phil: you too

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