Breast Day

Wednesday winds
Between Phil and You
October 27 at 7:32am
Good morning! Hope you have a stellar day today.
It’s a balmy, breezy morning on the balcony – 67 humid degrees! Heavy rain and wind on the way… Looks today may be “the last warm day” for a long time. All 40’s and 50’s on the 10-day forecast.
My eyes are looking beyond the parking lot today – so much history in the skyline. it’s good to look to the horizons sometimes.
October 27 at 7:49am
I declare today “Chest day!” or maybe it’s “Breast Day.” It’s mammogram time! One of my three resolutions on the plane home was to focus on my health. Off I go to get squished and irradiated! Too bad it hurts more than arouses. So I don’t get all nervous, I am focusing on fun thoughts about boobs today!
October 27 at 7:51am
Folks outside work yesterday were selling t-shirts to benefit breast cancer research, with a baseball diamond and “Save Second Base.” Heh. Another table had baked goods, with a big pink sign touting “Treats for Tits.” Amazing what people come up with. 😉
Good morning
Between You and Phil
Phil October 27 at 8:20am
On the train heading to work. Rainy day but warm. Have a meeting at this afternoon and some admin things this morning. Have to clean this evening, bathroom and kitchen, probably vacuum too. Can’t stand dirt unless its outside. Good workout, bottle of wine and Survivor. Enjoy getting squished. Focus on health is good. One of my main focuses. Have a great day!
October 27 at 10:57am
Just had a fire alarm! Whee! Down 3 flights of stairs, across the street. Outside only 10 minutes. Sometimes we’re out there for hours, but not today!

October 27 at 11:04am
When you talk about cleaning, it makes me want to live with you. I wonder if we’d get along for more than two days. It would be heaven to have some help around the house. Hubby will vacuum if I beg, but never clean. He never notices dirt. *sigh* My friend is giving me a pro house cleaning for xmas!
Phil October 27 at 11:53am
Get that from my Mom. I hate things laying about, dirty bathrooms, floors, anything. Hate dirty refrigerators, finger prints, dirty glass. It only takes a little time for it to look nice and be sanitary. No stacks of magazines or newspapers. I’m pretty minimal. When I am done with it, I get rid of it. I’m not a collector, don’t collect anything except maybe football stuff but all of that is hung up or I wear it. No dirty dishes in the sink ever. I’m probably a pain to live with.

Hope to get home a little early and get in a run on the hills and some lifting. Nothing better than a well earned sweat. Off I go, enjoy the afternoon.
October 27 at 1:20pm
Damn it. I want to hug your mother. You are literally seducing me, talking about housework and no clutter. Arrgh! It’s not enough that you are gorgeous, smart, fun and like my favorite Thai soup. But you notice dirt and clean? That’s just not fair, Philip! 🙂 You are so not helping with my effort not to fall in love with you again. Brat.
Phil October 27 at 1:26pm 
LOL! I cook too and not just on the grill. Love to experiment in the kitchen.

October 27 at 1:48pm
It scares me a little when you write sentence after sentence I could have written. Clean surfaces, tossing stuff… arrgh! I could have typed that. I am not a collector either. It is so tough to live with one! I may swoon – not having to deal with dirty dishes in the sink, on the counters, in the living room? Sounds like heaven. Which is sexier – talking about fooling around on the kitchen counter, or the counter being clean enough to do it?! And I am not asking you to do it all. Just share. *sigh* You may be a pain to live with on other fronts, but not this one.
Maybe some of our online chats should be about how you’d clean with me… “And then I’d spray on 409 and I’d wipe…” ooh, baby. 🙂
October 27 at 3:25pm
Cooking. You bring up your cooking? You know what that will do to me. That’s low. 🙂 Gosh, what a flirt you are today!
May I help in the kitchen? Or do you like to be left to your own devices? I’d like to help you out…I can chop. or peel. or whatever. What could we make? Do you take requests?
Maybe lobster. and garlic. and bacon. Heh. We could talk over the day. And if you cook, I could clean up. Fun!
Oh, this is definitely not helping me. Bratty brat, you are. I’m going to have to repeat “Yankees fan” about 100 times to counteract all this!
October 27 at 3:57pm
ok. off to get squished. Eep. Then home alone. Trying to decide if I care about watching the World Series or not…

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