Monday Mind

Monday Mind
Between Phil and You
October 25 at 5:45am
Good morning! I hope your day is off to a super start. Still dark and quiet here. Cloudy, but already warmer than it got yesterday. Supposed to be in mid-60’s. I like that better than the 40s!
October 25 at 6:22am
Happy Monday! What’s on your mind today? Good weekend?
I start work at 9 am, as usual. Please let it be calmer than most Mondays! Final prep for our reception tomorrow. This is my 15th time doing this event. I’ll teach new workers how to make it roll.
October 25 at 6:48am
Going back to bed. Probably won’t sleep, but I can close my eyes and think of a smiling man with coffee in his hand and what we could do on a quiet morning. Mmmm….
October 25 at 2:10pm
Work done. Bored now. Wish I could ping you to chat, but know you’re probably busy busy.
Do you have food trucks around work? There’s a Chinese truck that parks up the street here. A co-worker goes once a week. He tries to tempt me and I usually resist, but today I caved and got sesame chicken with rice and veggies. Yum. Cheap, fast and good!
October 25 at 2:51pm
MNF – Giants? Cowboys? or just “it’s football!”
October 25 at 11:10pm
What’s keeping you busy tonight? I went to my sister’s house for dinner. Her husband is away on business this week, so I played with my niece to help out.
May be good you aren’t online… and my ability to keep from writing emo FB messages is strong tonight. Don’t want to mire you in my musing about life and love. Be happy you dodged that! 🙂 Probably just pre-anniversary nostalgia on a rainy night. I’ll be fine tomorrow. Sleep well, sweet man.

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