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Between Phil and You
October 26 at 8:30am
Good morning! Thinking of you, sending vibes for a great day. It’s warm here! 64 degrees! Got out on the balcony, could smell the ocean. Lots of trucks – moving trucks, catering trucks, electric repair trucks with their cherry-pickers. The little trees that have held their green so long are yellow today.
October 26 at 8:35am
I’m off to the grocery store to buy crackers and cheese. Ah, the things I do to save my boss money! I could call a caterer and spend $40 on one small tray of cheese and crackers, or go to the store and buy enough for 100 people with the same money. Busy day today due to the reception. Think of me late afternoon and pray it goes well! I’ll be the one in the back room, quieting humming some song that is stuck in my head. 🙂
Phil October 26 at 8:46am
Watched football last night. Tonight is NCIS night. Finishing projects here, packing up my office things, preparing for the move. Busy times. Hope the reception goes well!
October 26 at 12:05pm
So no more D.C. office?  Are you giving up your bachelor pad, too?
Wow. That makes me a little sad. That city was so good to me! I knew you were leaving, just not this fast. Where will you be next week?
Taking a break to eat lunch. Need protein to face this afternoon. I will be home alone tonight, watching NCIS. 
Phil October 26 at 3:44pm
No, just getting ready. Last day is in December, but traveling a lot in November, then Thanksgiving and it’s over here soon after.  Went very fast.
October 26 at 10:10pm
Hey, there handsome! Done with NCIS. Freaky one tonight.
October 26 at 11:30pm
Are you okay? I have an odd, uneasy feeling… you’re in some trouble, that I could be doing something, helping you do something? Weird. That’s new. Hope it’s just my overactive imagination or bad sushi! If not, you know you can lean on me, if you need a friend, right? I am just a phone call or email or FB ping away… Hope it’s nothing. Sleep well, sweet man.
Phil October 27 at 11:55am
I am fine thank you. No trouble. Personal issues that haunt me some times but that’s life. Nothing different than it ever has been.
October 27 at 12:24pm
Phew. Thanks for saying.
I know women aren’t supposed to ask men to talk about their issues, so forgive me. But if you want to tell me, it might help. Let off steam, rant, whine, whisper… whatever. You know I won’t judge you, and I might have suggestions, that you can take or not. I’m in a unique position to listen. And I do so want to see you happy.

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