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Between Phil and You
October 24 at 9:18am
Good morning! I hope your day is off to a great start. Cloudy and cold – 44 degrees. Brrr. Orange trees have morphed to an amazing shade of dark red today. Very quiet out there.
October 24 at 9:43am
Thinking about three weddings – 1) You going today – hope it’s a fun one! Wondering if you have to dress up. Post a photo? Don’t think I’ve seen you in a suit and tie.
Do people still dress up for church down there? We don’t up here. No more “Sunday best.”
2) The extravagant wedding sis went to yesterday. They had it outside in the cold. Eep. Then open bar, h’ors doeuvres, and huge dinner with dancing. She does wedding consulting sometimes, and said it was likely $30K spent. Eeep.
October 24 at 10:12am
3) my own wedding, years ago this weekend. Looking at photos online of guests who came from our hometown, or flew in from wherever – 150+ people to celebrate with us.
Wonderful church service – lots of music from different styles to showcase our friends, different scriptures, readings, fabulous sermon, and the congregation singing a hymn!
Simple potluck by the church ladies in the church hall. Sushi, shrimp cocktail, Swedish meatballs, finger sandwiches, and a cake.  Very low key.  Very us. No bridesmaids, no tuxes, no booze, no dancing, no dinner, no garter… a worship service and a party for under $5k. Then we drove off to our honeymoon to recover!
I’m often away or mired in local projects this time of year, with no time to reflect on our anniversary, so it’s nice to have a few moments of nostalgia, and a chance to be extra nice to hubby this weekend. He said this week that we are better now than we’ve ever been. Interesting… counter to what conventional wisdom would say when your wife has just been off with her old flame! How lucky I am.
October 24 at 2:48pm
Been productive today – not exciting but necessary. Recycled 10 weeks of Sunday papers and clipped coupons! Then laundry. Woo hoo. Gonna go watch mushy videos and insert us into all the kissing scenes. 😉
October 24 at 2:51pm
TV tip – DVR the PBS “Masterpiece” showing of BBC’s new Sherlock the next three weeks. Starts tonight here. There are three 90 minute episodes. Nifty updating of the mysteries. We saw it off British TV in August and highly recommend it.

October 24 at 7:14pm
Patriots win!
Tied for the AFC East.
Hee hee hee. 🙂
Phil October 25 at 11:00am
Patriots got very lucky. They still suck. Happy anniversary. Strange what will stir a relationship and what will not. Who knows anymore. The wedding was nice. Have to wait till next week for photos. Simple, buffet style meal. 

If I were ever to do it again, would do it on a beach. With a pastor of course but on a beach. 

People still dress up for church but not as much. I tend to wear a decent shirt, jeans. Summer is an aloha shirt, shorts and flip flops. I like that much better and people enjoy coming and they can head out for their afternoon afterwards without the need to go home and change.
October 25 at 2:56pm
Yes, the Boston sports media was all over the “um…just take the W and run for the plane” angle. But it was fun how they picked up a game on everyone in the AFC east yesterday.

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