99 Drams of Whiskey

Saturday sounds
Between Phil and You
Phil October 23 at 5:07am
Food was great last night. Had the eggplant appetizer, lemon soup, greek salad, moussaka and chicken souvlaki. The doughnuts were as advertised. Great meal! A little grapa to settle the stomach.

October 23 at 7:52am
Good morning! I hope your Saturday is off to a great start! It is absolutely clear here this morning, and COLD! A brisk 41 degrees… I caved in and turned on the heat last night.
October 23 at 8:13am
So glad to hear your Greek dinner was tasty! Hooray! I love hearing about good restaurants… how did it compare to Athena Pallas?
October 23 at 8:18am
Fun time out with co-workers. 7 of us!  We laughed a lot- “blond jokes.”

Why is it harder to make a blond snowman? Because you have to hollow out the head!

See photo on my profile – amazing murals. Food tasty but tiny “small plates” – shared deviled eggs, grilled jumbo shrimp, risotto dumplings, veggie grape leaves, and a yummy crispy flatbread pizza with figs, Serrano ham, mascarpone, baby arugula, goat cheese, balsamic drizzle! Service awful…and they hurried us… rare that I see that! To cap it off, my assistant figured out a way for us to charge it to the office. Heh.
October 23 at 10:08am
I am full of pep! Bunch of chores done and planning more. Going to TOSS things this morning. Old TV. Old VCR. Old kitchen stuff to the church rummage sale. Thanks for getting me started on de-cluttering! It feels fabulous!
October 23 at 2:59pm
At my sister’s being Aunt Sassy this afternoon while she goes to a wedding.

Found a book you might like – “99 Drams of Whiskey” by Kate Hopkins. Sub-title: “The Accidental Hedonist’s Quest for the Perfect Shot and the History of Drink.” The jacket says it “is part travelogue, part distillery guide, and part history book. It is deeply personal, and told in Kate Hopkins’ humorous, engaging style. Through Kate’s eyes, I found myself looking at whiskey anew.” It’s there for Kindle. Kate is an ex-stand up comedian who blogs about food now.
October 23 at 4:02pm
Blogged about Punta Arenas. I write about new places I hear about, using the “Country of the day” tag. Makes me go learn more about it and share. Did you know that 150,000 people live there now? Not just a fishing village anymore…
October 24 at 12:04am
Thinking of you. Smiling. Quiet here. Full moon is gorgeous. Do you see it? What it would be like to be on my balcony with you? In a blanket and nothing more… in December… hmm. Rich fantasy territory there. I’ll be in my bunk. 😉 Good night, sweet man.

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