Lost weekend

Mid-night musing
Between Phil and You
October 16 at 3:21am
Nodded off about 10 pm… had Thai food from the new place next door. Not fabulous food, but cheap and good. Had that coconut chicken soup. Smiled, thinking of a man in a football jersey shirt tasting it for the first time.
I wish I could help you at home. Pack boxes or make a renter appear like magic… Can you get others to help? I know you’ve helped your neighbors and friends – reach out now? Offer a beer in exchange and share the load.
Maybe I can help in other ways? Listen, tell you a joke, talk about lobster or football. Just be here, in the dark, sending good vibes. Praying. Low-key… but powerful.

Saturday shirts
Between Phil and You

October 16 at 7:54am
Good morning! I hope your day is off to a fabulous start! It’s beautiful here. Sunny and cold… only 46 now and in the 50’s today. Quiet morning in the parking lot. Bright orange trees sparkle in the sunlight. Ah, I love October!
October 16 at 2:16pm
Great to see your smiling face! And your son!
I had a huge spike of energy today – cleaned the kitchen top to bottom! Washed all the kitchen towels. Then tackled my desk. Never seen so many credit card offers in one place… ripped and recycled!
Watched the memorial service for the UMass bandleader on the computer… great, upbeat celebration, lots of fun stories.

Once again reminded how short life is, that it’s important to live it! Hugs!
October 16 at 10:59pm
Good day? Good beers?
Had a nice evening out at the pub. Buffalo shrimp… yum.
Friend in London just got on FB… spent two hours chatting with her, showing her around FB.
Sleep well, sweet man.
Sunday steering
Between Phil and You
October 17 at 6:57am
Good morning! How’s your day going? Hope it’s off to a super start. Happy Football day! Very cold here, but should be in the mid-60’s by game time.
Football book
Between Phil and You
October 17 at 10:47am
Here’s an article about a football book you might like:
In conjunction with senior NFL Films producers Greg Cosell and David Plaut, Jaws has presented, as he calls it, “The Evolution of the NFL in Seven Sundays’’ in a new book, “The Games That Changed The Game.’’
Does anyone in television look like he’s having more fun than Ron Jaworski? The man looooves football, and he loves sharing his knowledge with the public. When Jaws is breaking down tape, the man is in another dimension.
October 17 at 9:00pm
Yes football! Woot!
October 17 at 9:12pm
You still watching? Rooting for the Skins?
Phil October 17 at 9:41pm 

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