Off to D.C.

Tuesday travels
Between Phil and You
October 5 at 8:41am
Good morning! Here’s to a great Tuesday!
Gray morning and cold! Brrr…. 50’s. The trees are completely orange in the parking lot… looks like they are on fire in slow-motion.
Phil October 5 at 8:58am
Gorgeous here! Can’t wait to see ya!

October 5 at 9:17am
I’m definitely headed in the right direction, weather-wise.
I am looking forward to seeing you. But I can’t wait to hug you. 😉
October 5 at 1:05pm
Ok…showered, shaved, packing, put out a couple of fires at the office via email, dressed… packing up the computer. Heading to the airport. Next stop… Philip! Whee!

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One thought on “Off to D.C.”

  1. Jesh, I see the heading and I get excited thinking you decided to come see me and then I read and realize you are talking about last fall 🙁

    Oh well, I’m sure the next few post will be good!

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