Four Quiet Days

October observations
Between Phil and You
October 1 at 8:39am
Good morning! Happy Friday! Thick high clouds today… but it feels like the sun could come out any time. 77 degrees at 8:30 am. Very warm for October! Gotta run to work. Keep smiling!
October 1 at 11:14am
Busy day? I just got done interviewing someone who may come work with us. Very interesting guy…
Phil October 1 at 11:37am
Good morning! Interesting day. Heading off to a luncheon and then house cleaning. Yuck, after my long drive. Hope you are having a good day

October 1 at 11:54am
You clean house? Hunh. 
I’ll text you when I get out of lunch… should be about 2 pm? Not going back to the office. If you feel like talking while you drive, you can call me. Been too long since I’ve heard your sexy voice.
October 1 at 7:35pm
Heading off to the pub.  

Saturday silliness
Between Phil and You
October 2 at 9:37am
Good morning! Hope you’re having a fine morning. Gorgeous morning here! Absolutely clear skies, crisp dry air… only 57 degrees. Cold toes on the balcony. Ah, how I love October!
Phil October 2 at 12:33pm
Good morning, nice day here, been cleaning up at home, had a few beers with the neighbors, gonna make some soup for tomorrow, gotta run to the store. Enjoying my day. Hope you are enjoying yours too!
October 2 at 5:36pm
Feeling shy today… but that’s okay. Maybe I can get it out of my system before Tuesday!

Sunday fun day
Between Phil and You

Phil October 3 at 6:09am
Had a nice Saturday, looking forward to football day. Hoping for a win! Have an enjoyable day!

October 3 at 7:46am

Good morning! Happy Football day! It’s wicked cold here – only 48 degrees on my balcony this morning. Bright sunshine, clear skies… and the promise of another spectacular October day! Enjoy!
October 3 at 12:36pm
Hope your team wins!
October 3 at 2:21pm
Good game so far? Hope you’re having fun.
I just took a long shower… all clean and warm… smelling of powder! Feeling bouncy today, put on my Tigger t-shirt.
I’m off to play on the computer while my niece naps, and her parents attend a grown-up birthday party.
October 3 at 3:10pm
Been looking at restaurants in VA… amazing the array of places! Thinking about a fun dinner with a old friend on Tuesday, then treating him to dinner Wednesday… someplace he likes – fun, casual, good beer, seafood maybe…
Also letting my mind wander to sexier subjects. Skirt. Hands. Mouths. Mmmm… But you seem shy on that front right now, so I won’t go there unless you say it’s okay.
Just musing to pass the time on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Wicked boring here.
October 3 at 4:36pm
They won! Yeah!
October 3 at 7:05pm
Busy day? Hope you had fun with all the football. 
I survived the afternoon with my non-napping niece. She is not a monster by any means, but she was trying to get into stuff she knows she’s not allowed to do, see if I would let her. Ugh.
It’s a quiet night here. Hubby’s out. Hope to catch up on some TV. Have a great evening!
Phil October 3 at 8:28pm
Great football day! Big win! Watching another game now. Head back in the morning. Glad you had a good day. Rained all friggin day today!
October 3 at 8:54pm
Been catching up on chores. Not fun but necessary.
Call me on your way? I’d love to hear you glory in the win. You can even gloat about the Yankees making the playoffs! 🙂
Phil October 3 at 9:12pm
Leave about 5:00. Will fall asleep watching the game. Red Sox suck! Cost us the division title
October 3 at 9:25pm
I’ll be awake early. Going to bed soon. I can be your ray of sunshine if it’s a rainy trip. Don’t let your early start keep you from calling if you want to take advantage of this chance to rag on my town’s baseball team. 🙂

[Email to Phil 9:27 pm]

Oh, I almost forgot.  Two quick questions – 
1) Do you have an opinion about a hotel?  Chantilly or Woodbridge?  
I should finalize tomorrow.
2) Meet in the baggage claim area for JetBlue #xxx?  
Probably won’t check a bag, but it’s a specific spot to find me.  Unless you have a better plan.    
See you soon, old friend.  

Rainy days and Monday
Between Phil and You
October 4 at 5:51am
Good morning! I hope your day is off to a great start and you’ll have an easy commute. It’s pouring rain and cold here. No balcony time this morning. But I woke up energized and raring to go, so it can be a great day no matter what the weather!
[Philip called me as he drove back to D.C.]

October 4 at 7:33am
So great talking with you! I am so ready to see you! Have a wonderful day.
[Emailed Philip 8:07 am]
flight details, contact info for my husband and my sister in case of emergency.

[Emailed my husband and younger sister]
Philip’s contact info, in case he’s an axe murderer and they need to tell the police where to start.

October 4 at 5:00pm
Wow! Busy day. Got lots done. Can leave work in good conscience. Headed home to pack. Whee!

October 4 at 8:18pm
Howdy, kiddo. Hope you had a wonderful day. You watching the football? Rooting for anyone?

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