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8:54pm Phil hey you, sippin a 7 & 7, watching Survivor Nice relaxing nite
8:54pm Me Hiya! So your chillin with the TV?
9:01pm Phil yea, nice easy nite
9:07pm Phil had a productive day and enjoying the nite. Sore from working out, been hitting it hard
9:08pm Me What’s sore?
9:09pm Phil legs, shoulder, too much on the bench makes the shoulder act up. Squats and lunges hit the legs hard. Rode the bike up hill for an hour too, gets your thighs pretty hard
9:11pm Me Maybe I can take your mind off it?
9:12p Phil you certainly could  I’ll be back at it tomorrow. Run day tomorrow
9:13pm Me It is good for you, to press to the soreness point?
9:15pm Phil yes, works well
9:16pm Me what’s the goal? Build muscle? Lose weight?
9:19pm Phil both, trying to tone up and increase strength. Means lots of reps with fairly heavy weight
9:20pm Me Do you have a trainer or work out the program yourself?
9:21pm Phil I do it myself. Been doing it a long time, have modified the program to give more flexibility and core strength. Its a tough workout but gets results
9:25pm Me Cool. Though I hate the thought of you hurting…
9:26pm Phil its a good hurt, love this kind of pain
9:26pm Me a good burn?
9:27pm Phil not like that kind of burn but still good
9:44pm Me Have you ever had surgery?
9:44pm Phil no
9:47pm Phil I’ve been a very healthy boy. now on to Hawaii 5-0
9:49pm Me YumThat theme music had me dancing.  It rocks!
9:49pm Phil love that song

9:55pm Me I am trying to be good and not interrupt you… tough to do when all i can think about is putting my mouth between your legs… heh.
9:56pm Phil don’t want it between my legs, want it on my cock
9:57pm Me I’ll get there!
9:57pm Phil ahhhhhh
10:00pm Me See…the way I was picturing it, my mouth is between your legs and that puts my chest about the level of your cock. Ok?
And that puts my ass in your face!
10:01pm Phil oh, I like that
I like that too
10:02pm Me I’m all turned around tonight…and turned on!
this can get a little tricky… doing unto other while they’re doing unto you, you know?
10:02pm Phil thats a good thing too
I know, easy to lose track
10:03pm Me You up for that?
10:03pm Phil sure, just have to pay attention
10:03pm Me dual focus…
10:04pm Phil not always easy
10:04pm Me worth the effort 
10:06pm Phil cool, like that position cause it provides easy access and viewing to both pussy and ass
10:07pm Me mmmm…
10:12pm Me oh…that is a good image… sends me
10:13pm Phil image of my tongue moving between your ass and pussy?
10:13pm Me oolfuyftg
10:16pm Me sorry… one handed typing there…
10:16pm Phil thats a good thing
10:16pm Me so much for focus! Heh.
10:17pm Phil Ha,
10:18pm Me Ok… concentrating now on you… using whatever you’re doing to match what I can do with your lower half…
10:19pm Phil I like a tongue in the same places, like gentle stroking, like my balls massaged,
10:19pm Me oh… that is good to know!
10:23pm Me i am nipping at your inner thighs just a bit… then licking my way to the center… using my tongue to find the sensitive spots… rimming…
10:23pm Phil Ummm yes, hips rising
10:25pm Me screw it, I’m going to flip around so I can get you way down my throat…
10:25pm Phil cock so hard
oh damn
10:25pm Me suck…
10:26pm Phil oh yea, suck my cock
10:26pm Me curl my fingers around you
10:26pm Phil ummm
10:26pm Me press a finger inside
10:26pm Phil oh yea, fuck my ass
10:27pm Me twirling my finger inside you…so hot
10:29pm Phil ummmmmm
10:31pm Me oh, man… i need you inside me…
10:32pm Phil well come get it, cock is hard, pussy is wet, take this hard cock, guide it inside and ride
10:32pm Me I like to ride the tiger…like me on the carousel in my profile pic
10:33pm Phil tell me you want my cock, tell me you want me to fuck you, tell me you want to feel my cum coat your insides
I saw that
10:37pm Me Did you really understand it? Or did you think I was being a little kid?
10:38pm Phil No, big smile, I got it
10:38pm Me (No one else gets it)
You would understand that I want something fierce between my legs…something furry… hard… so deep…
10:41pm Me I want your cock, and I want your mind… just for a little while… complete, inside my body, inside my head…
pull all the fragments together… make us both whole, one amazing thing…
filled with passion..
10:42pm Phil umm< sounds wonderful
10:44pm Me I want your mouth on my mouth, your cock inside me, your skin on my skin… so hot…
10:45pm Phil mmm, deep kisses, tongues intertwined, bodies joined
10:46pm Me I can’t focus on the earlier play… mind keeps jumping to the end 
almost to the end…first time may be a bit frantic…
10:47pm Phil most likely
clothes flying, hands every where, bodies exposed, cock buried in hot wet pussy, sounds of cumming followed by cum
10:49pm Me I can see that. I want to see that!
That is, if I can ever make myself stop kissing you at the airport, pressed up against the nearest wall!
10:50pm Phil lol
10:51pm Me I am trying to decide I don’t care what people think… I am going to be outrageous right there…
But then it seems like wasting time…
Time we could be alone, intertwined…
10:51pm Phil it will go like it goes. It will happen naturally
10:52pm Me oh yes…having a grand time picturing it, is all
you know, like an athlete before a big competition, visualizing…fantasizing…
10:53pm Phil oh yeah
10:53pm Me so it just flows at the big moment
sort of like…muscle memory
I have this image of fitting together again
10:54pm Phil that works, ummmmm
10:54pm Me picking up from where the kids left off…not having to start over… natural… grown up… free to give each other pleasure…
free to touch you…
free to suck on you…. lick you
10:57pm Phil hands on tits, fingers in your pussy and ass, tongue every where, hearing you moan, watching you cum, feeling my cock slip into your pussy, feeling your hands on my cock, mouth on my cock, ummmmm
10:57pm Me
I saw a checklist in one of my fantasies… you had made this ragged list of all the things you wanted to experience and we were sitting at breakfast… checking them off and leering and giggling and circling more to do…so… liberating…
10:58pm Phil sounds like fun
10:59pm Me sorry… I am wicked distracted tonight…. my mind keeps jumping around…. antsy… pumped up… frustration does that I guess…
want your cock in my mouth…want to hear you moan and writhe…
want to feel your hips on mine… pressing… slapping….mmmm…
11:00pm Phil I love that slapping sound
11:01p Me and the sucking sound… when you go in and out…
and the sound of you breathing… ragged…
11:01pm Phil that too
11:01pm Me fucking sounds…cocksucking sounds…
11:02pm Phil oh yea, cant wait to hear both
11:02pm Me breath sucking in through clenched teeth…real
11:04pm Me pouring into me…pulsing
11:05pm Phil oh yeah, cum for me, cum on my hard cock, pounding your sweet wet pussy
11:06pm Me your 1,000 watt smile…
11:07pm Phil ummm
11:08pm Me believe it
11:09pm Me FUN!  So good…
11:10pm Phil oh yeah, 
gotta fold my laundry and get to bed
11:10pm Me I know…
11:11pm Phil too much to do, got a thing tomorrow night to boot
11:13pm Phil doing it at a Pub
11:13pm Me should I send you naughty messages to keep you entertained? or leave you alone?
11:13pm Phil then off to another bar
11:13pm Me beer here, beer there…
11:14pm Phil yeah thats the idea
11:15pm Me so I should leave you alone to get sloshed… not distract you?
11:16pm Phil will probably not be on here but feel free if I pop up
11:17pm Me Thanks.
Sleep well. Dream of the lady with the long brown hair…and the cleavage.
11:21pm Phil LOL, just out of the shower, all clean and warm, I take a lot of showers
have to be clean, won’t go to bed, get dressed whatever unless I am clean
11:22pm Me You may have company in there…
11:23pm Phil cool, much easier to get clean that way
also more fun
11:24pm Me I’d love to help…hot water can make life interesting…
11:25pm Phil um hmmm
11:25pm Me naked skin….lots of walls…ooof…
there I go again. You say one little thing and my mind takes off like the frickin Kentucky Derby!
11:27pm Phil always great fun
11:28pm Me you need to find my “shy” switch and turn it off. Completely…
Give me permission to act out… go wild…
11:30pm Phil by all means, I want you to be a dirty talking, hard fucking, sucking cum covered wild thing
11:32pm Phil I am off to bed Sassy. Got to get my sleep so I recover and can be productive
11:32pm Me g’night

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