Sway with me

Thursday thirsts
Between Phil and You
September 30 at 8:15am
Good morning! I hope your day is going well already. It’s a foggy morning here… tropical storm coming. They were using the word “flooding” on the radio to describe tonight. 
September 30 at 8:31am
dreamed about a car last night! I was leaning against the side of the car in a parking lot, the passenger side front door… listening to a guy. I couldn’t see him, though he was right there next to me, putting stuff in the back seat, telling me something funny. I was smiling, very calm, looking around at cars… up at the clouds. A car went by and I turned to look at it.
When I turned my head back, he was right in front of me, kissing me, pressing me against the car. I was kissing him back… deep, slow, sexy… he nestled against me. So hard. So hot. A hand under my shirt, squeezing…
Someone honked at us and yelled something and… I woke up. Oof.
September 30 at 2:24pm
Hey, there! Thinking of you… hoping you’re having a great day.
Just had a magic job moment – gave a reference for an assistant to get a job at Google! Managed to say just the right thing. Heh. I love being able to help them out.
Phil September 30 at 2:36pm
Just back from the gym. Hour on the elliptical. Whooooooo

September 30 at 4:52pm
Hey, kid. Off to pick up Thai food.  Have fun tonight!
September 30 at 4:56pm
Do you ever have a moment where you’re doing something really good, and you wish you could share it with someone and you get a little verklempt because that won’t happen? Never mind. Probably a girl thing.
September 30 at 8:38pm
Hey, there. How’s the beer?

Phil September 30 at 9:46pm
Cool. Nasty, nasty night. Rain, rain, rain
September 30 at 9:54pm
Yuck! Wicked windy here…no rain yet.
September 30 at 10:15pm
Got good news.  Just waiting on one more bit now. This is always the tough part… waiting.
September 30 at 11:22pm
Sung by Michael Buble
Songwriters: Gimble, Norman (Eng Lyr); Ruiz, Pablo Rosas
When marimba rhythms start to play
Dance with me, make me sway
Like a lazy ocean hugs the shore
Hold me close, sway me more
Like a flower bending in the breeze
Bend with me, sway with ease
When we dance you have a way with me
Stay with me, sway with me
Other dancers may be on the floor
Dear, but my eyes will see only you
Only you have that magic technique
When we sway I go weak
I can hear the sounds of violins
Long before it begins
Make me thrill as only you know how
Sway me smooth, sway me now
October 1 at 12:05am
You driving South tomorrow? Call me if you want a phantom passenger. I can tell you elephant jokes. Or ride the tiger. Whatever. Safe travels!
October 1 at 1:40am
Just got back from a trip to the E.R. with a friend. thought he was having a heart attack. I hate it when people are sick, but am glad to help. Put him in the back and drove FAST. Rush of adrenaline. Going to try to sleep.

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