Wednesday words

Wednesday Words
Between Phil and You
September 29 at 6:22am
Good morning! I hope your day is off to a great start. Clouds are breaking up here… gorgeous dawn of light pinks and blues. Maybe the last warm day for quite awhile…
Phil September 29 at 9:29am
Had a wonderful time at dinner, just a pub. Dinner was nachos and beer, yum. Nice to share old memories and catch up. Got home and just went to bed. I was pooped. Trying to get some work done now. Have to go to medical, have my shoulder looked at, its been acting up. Also have to do my medical screen for our upcoming fitness test. Woo Hoo, hope you are having a good one.
September 29 at 3:53pm
Started to write you a dozen times today, but trying to be good and not to interrupt your day. Hope you got a lot done. Know that I’m thinking about you. Fun thoughts! Lascivious thoughts…
Phil September 29 at 4:03pm 
Did have a productive day. Been finishing some work, got my medical stuff done, gonna relax this evening and watch Survivor, NCIS and Hawaii 5-0. Got most of them recorded so I can zip through with no commercials!
September 29 at 4:12pm
I saw the first episodes of NCIS and 5-0. Will be interested in your comments. Wish I could curl up with you and watch! though you might have to hit pause now and then for…
September 29 at 5:24pm
Headed out! Have fun with the TV folks. I’ll hope to ravage you later. 🙂
Phil September 29 at 5:33pm
Later, have fun!

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