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It’s time for another fun edition of “Sassy Answers” where I try to satisfy the curiosity of a dear reader.

Q.  Do you and Phil communicate any other way except Facebook messages?

A.  YES!

While the bulk of the interactions Phil and I have are in the Facebook messages and a few emails you can  read here, there are a couple other ways we interact that you haven’t heard much about:

1) Phone conversations

I don’t remember specifics, but we don’t talk about sex very much so you probably don’t care!  I am not a phone person, but we spend HOURS chatting away about food, restaurants, our travels, football, baseball, people we knew in high school, our work, our hobbies, and every other topic you can imagine.  Whenever he has a long drive, he dials me up on his mobile phone and yammer away.

Phil can talk, let me tell you!  He is a great storyteller.  I scamper into a private office at work, or dash to my bedroom, lie on my bed and glory in the sound of his voice.  Doesn’t matter what the topic is… I love listening to his voice, hearing him chuckle and having a chance to talk with him in real time.

2) “Facebook Pong”

This one gives me a special thrill.  It’s like a ping pong game or the old Atari video game, “Pong.”  For reasons that are likely clear to you, we don’t comment on each other’s Facebook posts.  And sometimes a message isn’t the right medium.

I post a status update about where I am and what I’m doing.  About 10 minutes later, Phil does the same.  Or I post a photo of my cats, and very quickly there’s a photo of his dogs on his FB wall, often in a similar pose.  He’ll post a photo of the view out his window at home or at work, and… yes… you guessed it – I post a similar shot from my life.  It’s an amazing way to share bits of our lives and say “I saw that… I’m thinking of you, and I don’t care if everyone else sees it and doesn’t know why I posted this!”  HA!  

And it’s even more wonderful when we post about something we’re doing at about the same time, and it turns out that we’re doing the same thing – eating at the same type of restaurant that neither of us ever mentioned or has visited in years, or watching the same odd video online, or remembering a historical event.  Yet another example of the spooky sensation I get that we share two halves of the same brain… a feeling I’ve never had about another human being.

Arcade Original Pong 
We haven’t done anything else… yet.  But in just a little while, we plan to engage in old-fashioned face-to-face TALKING!  I hope there will also be TOUCHING!  I still can’t quite believe he will want to touch me… but I am ready to find out!  Please think good thoughts, cross your fingers, pray or whatever else will send good vibes my way as I head off to see if we want to pick up where we left off as teenagers!  

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