Plane ticket chat

9:33pm Phil how you doing tonight? How was dinner?
9:33pm Me Good company, strange foodHow’re you doing?
9:34pm Phil 1 out of 2 not badgood, watching the game
9:34pm Me Good game? Low scoring..
9:35pm Phil yeah but has potential to explode
9:35pm Me don’t we all?
9:35pm Phil oh yes we do
9:35pm Me hee hee… couldn’t resist that lob
9:36pm Phil LOL, cute sexy hot
9:38pm Me you bet.  If I told you have a nice body, would you hold it against me?
9:39pm Phil yeah, I would
9:39pm Me Close?
9:39pm Phil maybe joined so to say
9:40pm Me mmmm…. nice word. Joined. shiver I’d like that.
9:41pm Phil that’s the idea, would both like that
9:42pm Me Could there be say… kissing?
9:43pm Phil that’s joined, tongues in each others mouth is joined
9:48pm Me yes, I’d like that too
9:49pm Me Maybe you’d put your hands on me?
9:50pm Phil my hands would be on those lovely breasts. Can’t wait to feel your nipples in my mouth
9:54pm Me Another good idea…
9:55pm Me that would set me on fire.
9:56pm Phil Me too, you would see and feel me get hard
9:57pm Me Skin… I have skin on the brain… skin on skin…Touchdown!
9:57pm Phil skin on skin is a wonderful thing. Game is gonna be a good one
9:58pm Me Close is good.  In football and… other things.
9:58pm Phil in most things except maybe driving
9:58pm Me heh bacci ball, horseshoes…
10:02pm Phil yup still wanna see your tits again
10:03pm Me so… when?
10:04pm Phil now would be good
10:04pm Me heh
10:04pm Phil week after does not work
10:04pm Me so D.C.?
10:04pm Phil DC worksGotta find a place to stay
10:05pm Me Sure
10:05pm Phil need something reasonable
10:05pm Me sure
10:05pm Phil heading out next Thursday night
10:06pm Me ok
10:06pm Phil airport is no issue
10:06pm Me Are you okay or freaking out or both? So Tuesday timing? 5 pm or earlier?
10:07pm Phil I’m just fine, thinking about undressing you, my hands on your body, my mouth on your body, your hands and mouth on my cock, my cock in your pussy
5 pm probably best
10:08pm Me Ok. Just checking… don’t want to be too pushy, you know…
10:08pm Phil I have to work Wed, but am off at a reasonable hr
10:08pm Me Sure
10:09pm Phil no pressure,
10:09pm Me Sure
10:09pm Phil meet, dinner, see where it goes from there
10:09pm Me Sure
10:09pm Phil I have an idea, see above
10:10pm Me mmmm….
10:10pm Phil I want to see what you have learned, want to feel what you have learned
10:13pm Me Thursday timing? Best to drop me off before work?
10:13pm Phil early morning is best
10:14pm Me There’s a 9:05 or 10:29…would plan to be there 2 hrs ahead of that…
10:15pm Phil that’s no problem, will look for a place out there to stay
10:15pm Me so 10:29, aim for 8:30 am at Dulles?
10:16pm Phil sure, thats fine
10:18pm Me working on the Jetblue site
10:18pm Phil ok figured
10:24pm Me Can you check for hotels or do you want me to get ideas?
10:27pm Me I hope not to sleep much when you’re around
10:31pm Me So… should I buy the tickets?
10:32pm Phil I will sleep, can’t function without it
10:32pm Me sure I understand.
10:33pm Phil why not?
10:33pm Me Ok. I’m doing it.
10:34pm Me FYI – I travel under my legal name.
10:34pm Phil you have to be comfortable. I will not push anything if I feel you are not comfortable. You may have dinner and go ewww
10:35pm Me Thank you for saying that. Same to you. We can deal either way, right?
10:36pm Phil two old friends having dinner
10:36pm Me Yup
I am most worried about your reaction… but at the “have to find out” stage.
10:38pm Me A friend said something to me last week… I will message it to you. It was in a random report of his vacation.  Read it… and hope it’s true for us.

September 27 at 10:38pm
“I visited with my grade-school girlfriend for the first time in 25 years while I was away. At first glance she was completely unrecognizable, but then the face I remembered seemed to seep out from under this stranger’s skin until 30 seconds later she looked exactly as I remembered her. Memory is strange.”

10:40pm Phil It will be wonderful to see you. We will enjoy dinner and what ever else develops. We are not running off together. We may feel like old times and be flirtatious, teasing, fun which may lead to incredible sex and great enjoyment for both of us.
10:41pm Me Exactly
10:41pm Phil I will not be dissapointed.
10:42pm Me I think it will be fine.
10:43pm Me I am not going to get all weird… honest. I sent you the flight info via email
10:44pm Phil  At the very least, we will have a fun couple of days. At best, we end up sweaty and covered in cum, exhausted, satisfied
10:45pm Me So you know my real name now. Not many people do… don’t spread it around!
Promise to be honest… no sympathy screwing?
10:46pm Phil  I don’t do sympathy fucks. There will be chemistry or not. I would not do that to you. That’s as hurtful as anything I can think of.

10:47pm Me Yup. I can deal either way, as long as it’s real.  Holy shit. Next Tuesday! Woot!
10:48pm Phil we will know very quickly
10:48pm Me Maybe…Sometimes I knew right away, sometimes it took a bit longer
10:49pm Phil next Tuesday you could be naked with a hard cock pounding your pussy. You could have cum on your tits, on your face, in your pussy, on or in your ass,
you could have a tongue inside you front and back
fingers, tongues
you ready to be naked in front of another man?
to feel the tingle as hands glide over your body?
to feel the shiver as a tongue runs down your back to your ass and pussy
to feel a hard cock pressed against you, inside you
10:52pm Me You’re making it sound like a good idea…
10:52pm Phil  to suck my cock, stroke it,
10:53pm Phil  Sassy? no worries, it’s just dinner with a friend, look at it that way
10:54pm Me No way… I am reading the above and wanting it. Just a little less confident in my body, that’s all

10:55pm Phil  where does Hubby think you are going?
10:55pm Me D.C. Duh
10:56pm Phil  huh, he knows you are coming to see me?
10:56pm Me Yes
10:56pm Phil  oh wow, he is ok with that?
10:56pm Me yes
10:57pm Phil will you tell him what we did, how it went?
10:57pm Me we’ll see… probably
10:57pm Phil  wow
10:58pm Me he said tonight he doesn’t consider it “unfaithful” if it is not behind his back, cheating etc.
10:59pm Me I told you, my only risk is to my heart, my sanity etc.
10:59pm Phil guess that’s a good outlook. He also knows you aren’t going anywhere
11:00pm Me Exactly
11:01pm Me So hotels… I am on now and google maps.
11:01pm Phil  I am no threat to him. whatcha got?
11:01pm Me He knows. You are actually helping him in many ways,
Ooh! The Bears are ahead! (Sorry this is all coming down during the game)
11:02pm Phil is he amused, turned on?
11:03pm Me yup
11:03pm Phil  well that is a good thing
11:03pm Me indeed.
He said he’d like the two of you to take turns, see if the two of you could fill me up! cough
He has a good imagination, too.
Just odd to have it aimed at me after 10 years.
11:05pm Phil  maybe, up to you
11:05pm Me Figures…he is suddenly interested because you are.
11:05pm Phil  well that a good thing
11:06pm Me We’ll see. Want to figure you and me out first…Another reason for me to come to you!
11:06pm Phil  I have never done that
11:06pm Me Well, I haven’t exactly either.  Makes you hot to think about it, though, right?
11:07pm Phil  well hell yeah,
11:07pm Me Great.
So anyway, he’s not a problem. Which is why it makes sense for me to travel.
11:09pm Phil  ok, works

11:11pm Phil  wow, next week went from kinda slow and dull to holy shit!
11:11pm Me heh
didn’t want to try to horn into a busy week
This will get me out a dentist’s appt!
I looked at my calendar and momentarily thought “I can’t go, I have a dentist appt” and then thought “I CAN MOVE THE DAMN APPT!”
11:13pm Phil  I have something hard to put in your mouth instead of a dental pick
11:13pm Me Yes, please!
Ok… there are A LOT of hotels around there.
Any idea what’s a good town or chain or anything? Ever been to anything out there?
11:15pm Phil  yes, no shortage,
11:15pm Me Sorry to be all travel agenty, just want to get this done so i can focus on fucking you.
11:16pm Phil  all ok, trying to conserve funds
11:16pm Me Sure
11:17pm Phil fucking me is a good thing to focus on. can’t wait to hear it from your lips,
11:18pm Me maybe I’ll write it on my hip!
or you can
11:19pm Phil  ummmmm
11:23pm Me looking at hotels…
11:25pm Me You want to be right near Dulles or closer in toward D.C.? I’m looking at Sterling, Chantilly, Herndon, Tysons Corner – Along which road? 66? 267?
11:26pm Phil matters not, all close to anything, price is my driving factor this time
long as its clean and has a king size bed
11:29pm Me Yup
11:35pm Me I may do this part tomorrow…need to do more research than my brain can handle at this time of night. I am seeing stuff under $100
Is it best for me to charge it and figure out finances with you later?
11:36pm Phil all good. no need to do it tonight
11:36pm Me That way it will all be in my name etc.
11:37pm Phil  probably. I can give you cash to settle

11:37pm Me Holy shit. Tuesday. It seems really close and yet way too long to wait.
11:38pm Phil  lot closer than December
11:38pm Me Indeed.
11:39pm Me I might do it again before that, if this works.
If I don’t kill you off this time…
but you seem like a hardy lad
11:39pm Phil  LOL
think I’ll hold up ok
11:40pm Me Oh, this is going to be FUN!
11:41pm Phil  oh yeah
11:41pm Me I haven’t been on a plane in forever
11:41pm Phil  well cool. I have spent much to much time on them
11:41pm Me I used to…
Posting those beach photos last week was so hot
You did that on purpose, didn’t you?
there was something about the one on the porch.
Hey, the Bears are doing it!
11:45pm Phil Bears win
glad you enjoyed the pics
11:45pm Me  A good omen.
The chest…made my hands itch.
And um…a certain tightness… lower…very nice chest…and you were smiling…
11:47pm Phil I’m always smiling. glad i can get you wet like that
11:50pm Me I hope you weren’t too shocked this afternoon when you realized I was serious… you said you want a woman who will tell you what she wants.
11:51pm Phil  I was not at all shocked
11:52pm Me Really?
11:53pm Me You thought I’d do something like this?
11:54pm Phil  I am not surprised. Don’t shock easily
11:54pm Me I see
11:56pm Me My mind is boggling… that I am going to get to hug you… see your smile up close…
11:56pm Phil  I like it. was looking at flights to Boston from BWI
11:57pm Me Why?
11:59pm Phil  to come see you before December
11:59pm Me hee hee that’s a very nice thought
12:00am Me but don’t get too far ahead…
12:00am Phil you will definitely get a hug, see me smile, feel my cock grow hard as I hug you
12:00am Me damn that makes my inside jump
right now
12:07am Phil  good
12:11am Me anything else you need to know tonight?
12:13am Phil  alright Sassy. Time for bed, gonna take my very hard cock and go to bed
12:13am Me I will send you sucking thoughts
rest up.
12:13am Phil  yea, will you lick my cock, balls and ass while you are here?
12:14am Me I plan to… if you want me to
I plan to explore every inch
inside and out
see what makes you wild
what makes you moan
what makes you cum
what makes you smile that certain way…
and sigh…with satisfaction
12:17am Phil  I think you already know and you will find out quickly
12:18am Me I want it to be so good for you…
12:18am Phil  If it’s good for you, it will be good for me
12:19am Me mmmm…. you’d better go before I make you explode right now
12:19am Phil  Never been with anyone who was ok with my tongue in her ass, or would touch me there, find out what felt good
12:20am Me I hope to change all that…give you so many memories…
12:21am Phil  everyone is so hung up, I am looking forward to that.
12:22am Me I may be rusty but I am not hung up
12:22am Phil  show me your tits. I want to see your tits, all of them, want to see a nipple
12:22am Me Damn I want you so much
12:22am Phil  Rusty? I have some oil
can’t wait to watch you swallow my cock
12:26am Me Tuesday
a week from tomorrow
in your arms
12:27am Me I wish I could tell the 14 yr old “It gets better!”
12:27am Phil  hope you still want to then. looking forward to seeing you smile as I press my hard cock against you in the terminal
she will know
nite Sassy, gotta go to bed
12:29am Me g’night

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