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Monday moves
Between Phil and You
September 27 at 5:22am
Good morning! I hope your week is off to a good start. It’s raining here…and cold. Brrr..
September 27 at 6:32am
What’s on your schedule for today? I am off to the office like a good little worker. I got invited to my sister’s house for dinner. 
Phil September 27 at 8:14am
Working, Monday Nite football.  My team won, it’s a great day!

September 27 at 9:43am
Back at work. Traffic was fierce. Staff chattering about their weekend. Raining. Wishing I could curl up on a couch under a blanket and snooze on your shoulder instead. *Sigh* When will I get to do what I want?
September 27 at 10:19am
Sorry if that sounded whiny! I’d rather be the ray of sunshine for you. Yes, your team rocks! Have a great day, sweet man.
Phil September 27 at 10:32am
Why thank you. My commute sucked too. Took two hours to make a 20 minute commute. Such is DC. Matters not, still flying from a great football game and time with old friends and family. Hope the day gets better. I’m pumped and looking forward to a productive week!
September 27 at 12:42pm
Payroll – done. Crossword – DONE! Can I buy plane tickets to Dulles now?
Phil September 27 at 12:53pm
September 27 at 2:02pm
I am serious. Maybe. Courage is ebbing and flowing…Next Tuesday? Or should I shut up and just let you deal when you are ready?
Phil September 27 at 2:49pm
Tuesday would work! How long would you stay? Sounds great! Looking forward to seeing you! Come show me the rest of those tits!
September 27 at 3:13pm
Here’s my thought… if I don’t lose my nerve.
I guess the basic message is…I can travel.
Or does it make sense to try to do something when you’re on your trip the week after? Or are you completely locked in with family there? If you can come a day earlier or stay later?
It’s completely up to you to say what works, since I know so little about your schedule, constraints etc.
I can fly in to Dulles about 5 pm Tuesday, or earlier if you can get there during the day. I can stay until sometime Thursday, last cheap flight out is 11:50 am but I could go earlier if that makes more sense. I am looking at JetBlue flights.
So the basic questions are:
1) Which city makes more sense, if I am traveling?
2) If D.C. then,
a) What time Tuesday makes sense?
b) Can you meet me at Dulles?
c) Can you deal with where to stay? Or tell me where, I can reserve it and pay for it, and we can talk about splitting the cost or whatever later. If you need to keep it off your credit card, say. I will need help with all or some of the cost.
d) Can you get me back to Dulles on Thursday? What time is good? Earlier? Or the 11:50 am flight?
This is not a guaranteed offer to display any particular body part! 😉
September 27 at 4:58pm
Too many questions?
I am off to my sister’s place for dinner. Look for me online later or call anytime if you like. *hugs*
September 27 at 9:03pm
Hey! How’s my favorite football fan? Who are you rooting for in this game?
Phil September 27 at 9:21pm
rooting for the Bears
How was dinner?
September 27 at 9:28pm
Go Bears! Dinner was… interesting. My sister and her husband were talking about TV shows. They watched 10 pilots last week and said “Hawaii 5-0” was the only one they will DVR going forward.
I went on from there to watch “Jeopardy!” with my folks. They were in a good spirits. It’s really foggy here…reminds me of England!
Phil September 27 at 9:30pm
Let’s chat.   

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