Office action chat

Between Phil and You
September 21 at 12:02am
Phil? Just one more thing…
Old man… šŸ™‚
I hope this year will be very special.

Birthday chat

9:53am Phil I got your old right here girl!
9:54 am Me Hello!
9:54am Phil Hey there
9:55am Me Happy Birthday!
9:56am Phil how is your day going? Getting ready to head to the beach for a bit. Drinks with my friend this afternoon and then dinner at out tonight
Thank you!
9:56am Me Pretty quiet here at the office.
9:59am Phil quiet here too. Be a great time to throw you over the desk, rip your panties off and fuck you till you cum and then shoot my hot cum deep inside of your clenching pussy, kiss you deep and hard giving your tits a a hard squeeze, then wish you a good rest of the day and leave you flushed, sweaty with my cum running down your leg.
10:01am Me Phil…
10:02am Phil sorry
10:02am Me No! You rock my world.  I want you
10:04am Phil Iā€™m glad, you may need a tissue to solve the little puddle problem or a hot tongue. You could call me back in and tell me to clean this up before i go
10:05am Me If I call you back, it won’t be to clean up. There’s better uses for your hands.
10:05am Phil Be happy to drop to my knees and grab your ass and pull that hot well fucked pussy to my face
just a thought
10:05am Me Yes please
10:06am Phil my tongue flicking over your clit til you shake and then diving in deep
10:06am Me There are people walking all around me… you are, in effect, fucking me in public…
10:07am Phil licking sucking, maybe slipping a finger or two inside with my tongue
I like it
10:07am Me Only you’re a ghost, that no one can see…
10:07am Phil my other hand on your ass, rubbing the cum that ran down between your cheeks into your ass
10:08am Me Where are you?
10:08am Phil on my knees under the desk
10:08am Me No, silly. IRL…
10:09am Phil in the kitchen alone with my hard dripping cock in my hand, slowly stroking it, using the plentiful precum for lubrication
10:09am Me Oh, man… what an image!
I could do something with that.
10:10am Phil balls in one hand, dick in the other
I would love for you to be sucking my cock, massaging my balls, rubbing a finger over and into my ass
10:11am Me You make me burn…
10:11am Phil that would be amazing
10:11am Me I can do that… and more…You can tangle your fingers in my hair.
10:12am Phil just before I cum, you shove your finger deep, now stroking me, as cum sprays over your face and tits, into your hair
would love to have a handful of your hair as I watch your lips glide over my cock
10:13am Me My boss is standing at the edge of my desk, eating a cookie…
10:14am Phil Now I want to shove that sensitive cock deep inside of you, your cum covered tits pressed to my chest as I fuck you silly
I’d like to under your desk eating you
10:14am Me I want your cock inside me so far my back teeth rattle…
10:15am Phil Me holding your legs so I can get as deep as possible pulling you to me with each hard deep thrust
10:15am Me I want to see the look in your eyes when it all comes together… bodies, minds…
10:15am Phil they may just be rolled back in my head
10:16am Me hearts.. maybe…Oh, man… you are so hot…you make me so hot….
I can’t believe I am doing this with 4 other people within 5 feet of me. But it is the most fun!
10:18am Phil I’m glad. My hand is covered in pre-cum, no problem with lubrication, hand gliding over my cock, making a squishing sound, smells good, tastes good, feels good
10:19am Phil Imagine being in a restaurant with my hand under the table cloth unseen by anyone, with two fingers deep inside you, pumping your pussy, occasionally, I remove them and lick your nectar from my fingers as you watch me suck and lick them before returning them to their hot, wet home
10:21am Phil I reach for the salt, rubbing my arm across your tits, I lean in and lick and kiss your ear, leaving a gentle love bite on your neck
Suddenly I feel your hand on my cock, you are stroking it through my jeans, you are creating a wet spot
10:23am Me I am going to have such a smile on my face…
10:23am Phil I get up to go to the rest room, an obvious hard on and a growing wet spot on the front of my pants, other dinners notice, they look at you and you simply smile
10:24am Me Maybe I’ll whistle…
10:25am Phil I’m glad, need to tame this hard cock, wake up my son and head to the beach with my brother for a few hours.
No maybe you grab my ass as I walk by
10:25am Me Thank you ever so much for dropping in!
10:25am Phil Hope I brightened your day a little or at least made it more interesting
10:26am Me Yes indeed… I hope it made your birthday a little better.
10:26am Phil Hope your pussy is now nice and wet yoohoo
10:26am Me I will give you an IOU to celebrate in style someday
Yes…wet… pulsing
10:26am Phil Cool, looking forward to that
10:27am Me aching for you.
10:27am Phil Anytime I get to talk with a beautiful women while I have my cock in my hand is a good day
10:27am Me Hee!
10:27am Phil there are much worse ways to start a day
10:28am Me Right back atcha… anytime I am talking to you is a good day. No matter where my hands are…
I forsee another long payroll session of staring off into space, thinking of you fucking me
10:28am Phil why thank you. Have a great one. I’m off to the beach
10:28am Me Enjoy!
10:28am Phil good, that’s a good way to pass the time
September 21 at 10:51am
I want to send you a message. But you have turned my brain into a melted mass of goo. Please do that again regularly. šŸ™‚
September 21 at 11:32am
I looked it up online.
It says, “Phil.”
September 21 at 12:01pm
Why do I have cooking words on my mind?
You have short-circuited my brain. Again.
I want to make you so hot.
I may have to baste you in your own juices.
bake you.
fry you?
broil you.
Maybe even… grill you?
You are going to burn.
There may be spontaneous combustion.
September 21 at 1:51pm
Life’s a beach! Great photo. Hubba hubba… 

September 21 at 4:43pm
Closing up the office, heading out. Have a wonderful birthday dinner, Phil! thinking of you and how wet it was here this morning. šŸ™‚
September 21 at 11:10pm
Thanks for posting all those photos to FB – super to see you having such fun, and have your chest to ogle. Ooh, baby. šŸ™‚
Sleep well, birthday boy.

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