Happy Ass Day

Phil September 20 at 5:04am
Good morning! Crystal clear, stars are amazing. Basking in a win. Looking forward to a relaxing day. Have a good one.

September 20 at 5:16am
Good morning to you! Still dark here…quiet…stars.. I’m trying to hold back the coming of the dreaded Monday morning.
September 20 at 5:20am
Oh, Philip… so sorry I wasn’t around last night to fill your needs. Both that I missed a chance to send you a sexy message when you needed it, and that I can’t be there physically. Life is strange. And wonderful.
September 20 at 5:36am
Cat is purring in my ear… silly old puss. Thinks it will get me to feed him. Wish I could purr in your ear. Stick my fingers in your hair.. then whisper soft and low about what’s going to happen next.
September 20 at 5:41am
What should today be? Let’s declare it… hmmm… ASS DAY! What should we do to celebrate? Your ass or mine? Are you in the mood for intimate kisses on your back side? Maybe a tongue in just the right spot? Of course, I’d have to explore, see what other spots cause your back to arch and your cock to soar. Hee!
Phil September 20 at 9:21am
If it’s ass day both. I could give you a massage working your shoulders and back, working on tired muscles. Then switch to kisses and licks running my tongue down your back, between your cheeks, probing gliding over your ass into your pussy as your hips lift to give me access. You are already wet, back up to your ass, licking blowing, probing, your hips again rising to meet my tongue. My cock is so hard and you can feel it brush your legs. I am very much enjoying paying attention to your ass. I continue to kiss and lick down your legs, to your feet, back up, kissing your inner thighs, back to your pussy, plunging my tongue deep inside of you, fucking you with my tongue. Back to your ass licking, probing and now fucking your ass with my tongue, my cock is so hard, I want to bury it deep inside of you but you say nope, I have something else for you. Now my turn for the massage, feels wonderful on my back and shoulders. I feel your tongue start to trail down my back, I am shivering with anticipation and excitement. As your tongue gets to the top of my ass my hips are rising off the bed. You stop, massage my ass, your fingers sliding between my cheeks, gently touching, teasing, oh this is so hot but this is your part of the story
Phil September 20 at 9:59am
thinking about fingers, toys, tongues, hands gliding over my cock and balls. Geez
September 20 at 10:29am
Busy day! All I can think of right now is grabbing your ass with both hands while you fuck me silly. More later!
Phil September 20 at 11:15am
Oh yea, you control the pace, pull that cock in as hard and fast as you want it.

September 20 at 12:00pm
I sometimes look at my messages and wonder who typed them. Who is that wild woman? And then I get another hot message from you, and my body starts to churn and drip and I remember… I am the one that you want. It is makes me wild… but only for you.
I am trying to do the payroll. The most tedious, mathy, detail-oriented part of my job. And very important to those who wait for their money. And I can’t focus! It has taken me twice as long today. But I will get it done. The deadline is still hours away.
September 20 at 12:10pm
Isn’t ass day fun? I love how you are getting into the spirit of it. Maybe you can pick for tomorrow.
All I can focus on is your sexy ass. And what I can do to it. I want to take it slow… touch you… learn every pore… tease you… torment you… with my fingers running gently down the crack and around at the top of your legs… then let my mouth take the same route… breathing on your skin… kissing, nipping, licking… rubbing my breasts against you.. I wonder what would happen if I dipped a finger inside me and then painted a bit of my juices on your ass.. might make you as wild as I am…
Phil September 20 at 12:30pm
Dip that finger in your pussy and then use your own lubrication to slip that finger in my ass. Putting a little of you inside me

September 20 at 12:52pm
Wow… Philip! that took my breath away. I am sitting here wondering if half a sentence can cause in orgasm in less than 5 seconds… I mean it. it explains what is happening. clenching, flushed… trying to mask my reaction in a busy office, had to cover my face!
I’ve never heard of that before. Where did that come from? I am hoping no one has done that for you. I want it to be me! The image is… incredible. Very vivid. symbolic. me inside you. wow. so simple yet… intense. that one is going to torture me for awhile. Wow. WILD!
Phil September 20 at 1:56pm
No one has ever done that. Is a sexy thought.

September 20 at 2:27pm

Wow. I love how you think. Stunning. Definitely going toward the top of my list of things to do for us. I wish I could it RIGHT NOW! Heh.
You may have to explain more about exactly how to do that, once inside, for maximum effect. Or I can experiment… trying to think of what I would say while I do that. Hmmm…
How can I see your face when I do that? I wonder if your knees would hold out if we were standing in front of a mirror… or maybe you can figure out another way. On the other hand, I might break into a million pieces from the raw emotion of it. OOmptth.
September 20 at 2:34pm
Not sure what it is about being first, but it makes it very powerful. Very.  Please don’t tell anyone else about this idea before I get my hands on you! 😉
I am looking forward to learning what other bright ideas you’ve got stashed in that brain of yours. Let em out, Philip…
September 20 at 2:35pm
Ass day. Very Happy Ass Day!
September 20 at 3:15pm
Thanks for the photo! Looks like you’re on an adventure. Can’t see much of it… wretched old phone. But I recognize you in the sunshine.
September 20 at 4:56pm
Heading home at last! Going to re-read everything you said today, and swoon at the thought of making your ass mine.
September 20 at 7:40pm
had Thai for dinner with H.: hole-in-wall place. their tom kar guy (coconut chicken soup) is divine.
I was probably too quiet, thinking about you… and your ass. Swirling my finger around in circles on your cheeks, closer and closer to that magic spot that will shoot fire into every other nerve in your body… mmm. want. want. want…
September 20 at 8:29pm
we are face-to-face… on our sides, on the bed, with your leg over my hip, your heel pressing my ass. cuddling… kissing. very close together. revving up slowly. I get that mischievous look in my eyes, wiggle my eyebrows, and press my finger inside me. I let you smell it and your eyes widen. I reach around and press it inside your ass… twirl slowly… in further, and watch you face contort… and your hips buck. where is my other hand? on your chest… or your face… or gently stroking your cock… I stick my tongue in your mouth to mimic the action of my finger. But you are breathing so heavy, I can’t do that for long. In, out with the finger in your ass; in out with the tongue in your mouth.
September 20 at 9:29pm
Or maybe when you have your cock deep inside me… I wait until you are just about to the edge, and that’s when I get my finger inside you…part of me, inside you… make you explode with it. With a fire so deep it sears your very soul.
But we can try it both ways, yes? 🙂
(stay tuned for what I might say… haven’t worked that out yet)
Ass day… a cum-from-behind WIN!
Phil September 20 at 9:58pm
Both is good. Like the thought of your finger matching the pace of my cock. I think I would explode.

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