Sunday sucking

Sunday smiles
Between Phil and You

Phil September 19 at 5:45am
Good morning! A nice crisp clear morning. My brother is en route, talked to him a bit ago. It’s football day! Have a great day.

September 19 at 6:32am
Good morning! Seagulls are going crazy this morning.. swooping, soaring, cawing like banshees. Wonder what’s up? Otherwise, very quiet. No cars or trucks. It’s almost cold – 50’s right now. Wishing you were here to warm me up.
September 19 at 6:54am
Happy Football Day! I can tell it’s football day… front page of is packed with articles about the Patriots! Yikes.
September 19 at 7:58am
I did a new analysis on my list. Yesterday, it was the sex list. Today, I am trying to decide who I loved. Can’t believe I’ve never thought about it that way. Thank you for making me think about love.
Of course, this wades into much deeper water. What is love? Oof… can’t answer that in one shot at 7 am on a Sunday. But I know it when I feel it.
I made an Excel spreadsheet of the 6 kissers and 11 lovers. Don’t laugh! It’s what I do when I need to analyze something – apply “business woman” skills. I can figure this out. I think.
So… I marked certain guys in yellow. Happy color. You are definitely in yellow, the first yellow name on the list. It’s easy to mark the other “big three” in yellow. So that makes 4. Long term. Deep. I told the three. Took me awhile, but I told them.
Makes me wonder again if I ever told you. Probably not, if you don’t remember. And because we stayed friends. Most boys didn’t want friends who had said they loved them. But you knew then, you said.
Oh, man… I wish I could have been looking in your eyes while we talked about this stuff. And holding your hand. And kissing you.
September 19 at 8:17am
Still musing about love and my life… and how you fit into it all.
A deeper question occurs to me – Is there anyone who should be added to the list because I loved them, even if we never kissed or had sex?  There was one guy, worked with him for years and adored him, but never did anything.  He died.  🙁  So I put him on the list. In Yellow.  So that makes 5 loves.  So exactly the same number as you!  Weird… 
I marvel at how you make me look at my life in new ways. And get me to tell you about it. That’s unique. And special.
I feel closer to you. Like we are crossing another milestone.
September 19 at 9:15am
So Sunday…let’s see what I’m doing today.
Quiet morning thinking about love and life. Talking like a pirate. Makes me think of seamen. Or semen. Heh. Interesting that those are homonyms. Hmmm….
I get to babysit my niece then maybe dinner after with friends? We’ll see.
What do I want to be doing? In reality, writing to you. Reading your messages. In fantasy…oooh… excuse me.
September 19 at 12:36pm
Hey, how’s my favorite football fan? Has the pre-game show started yet? What on the menu?
I was bopping around youtube and saw an old Emerson, Lake and Palmer song. never heard it before. The lyrics are kinda trippy. But I like the title.
Still You Turn Me On by Greg Lake
September 19 at 1:57pm
Made it to my sister’s place. Turns out I get to sit on the computer while niece sleeps. Rough duty. 🙂
Phil September 19 at 2:36pm
Was listening to KD Lang sing Hallelujah. So pretty, I love her voice. Tommy arrived, they are at the beach. I am home watching football. Nice breeze on the porch today. Making ribs for supper tonight. Ribs, fresh fruit, veggies, and wine. Good stuff. Church was awesome this morning. Sermon was terrific.

September 19 at 2:51pm
Hiya! ah…KD Lang is so earnest. Her “Constant Craving” is more on my mind today.

September 19 at 2:53pm

Just sat out on a screened-in porch. Gorgeous day out there… Reading the TV Guide Fall Preview. Not much interests me at first glance. Will try “Hawaii 5-0” and “Law&Order:LA”. Let me know if you see anything else good.
Phil September 19 at 3:13pm 
Tom Selleck has a new one on Friday nights. NCIS, Mentalist, Criminal Minds all good. I like Constant Craving too. Was just thinking about watching football while someone was on the floor in front of me giving me a blow job. Slow and easy to the brink, back off to the bring again, getting damn hard to watch the game. Much more interested in watching my cock disappear in your mouth. Careful baby, gonna cum. You take me in your hand and jerk me off onto your tits. You offer them to me and I lick the hot cum from them. Ummmm
September 19 at 4:05pm
I am trying to concentrate on something other than you. Get control. Do things away from the computer. Read “TV Guide” for the first time in a month. Called my mom to check on her and my dad. She told me about her church today. They sang “There is a Balm in Gilead.” Good hymn. The minister said that Jesus is the Balm. He soothes and heals.
All my brain can do is think of you… and that makes things happen inside me lower down. There’s a futon in my sister’s work room. If you were here, I would talk you into sitting on that futon with me. tell you about what I want. Put your mouth on me, Philip. Make your way inside me with your tongue… lick me. torment me… make me squirm and twist. Make me ready for more.
September 19 at 4:05pm
Go Patriots! 😉
Phil September 19 at 4:07pm
You suck 🙂
September 19 at 4:09pm
I adore Tom Selleck. Have since Magnum, PI days. They were re-running that lately on some random channel. Still good. And his new movies – Jesse Stone – are fabulous. Parts filmed in Boston!  Gotta love those tall, dark and handsome guys. 🙂
September 19 at 4:11pm
I do suck.  And lick. And kiss. AND FUCK! Or… I hope to if you are around.
Phil September 19 at 4:26pm
Damn. Fuck me Sassy. Ride my cock till we both explode!
September 19 at 4:37pm
You’re fantasizing about sexy stuff when there is football to watch? Wow… I do feel wanted. I may have to write that down and frame it. “Sassy is so sexy she can distract Philip from a football game.” Heh.
Are you alone?
I am shocked that you would even consider letting someone perform oral sex on you while you watching football! I would not have tried it uninvited. Maybe during a bad commercial… I can see that. How long are the commercial breaks? I wonder if I could make something happen in what..2 minutes? Would be a challenge. But sometimes fast can be HOT. Let’s see… hands, tongue, tits… I’ve got all the right equipment. You might miss the post-game analysis when I drag you off to bed.
September 19 at 4:59pm
TD! Woot! hee…
Phil September 19 at 5:09pm
September 19 at 5:20pm
Tequila time? This is getting interesting. Niece is awake. Gotta go be an Aunt.
Phil September 19 at 6:31pm
What a game!
Phil September 19 at 6:59pm
September 19 at 7:54pm
Hee! It is so fun to watch you experience the thrill of victory.
September 19 at 7:56pm
Home now. Eleven of us went out for Mexican food at the local tequila bar- Rudy’s. Nothing like chips, salsa, pina colada… only thing better would be licking them off your body parts. 😉
September 19 at 9:35pm
G’night sweet man. I am smiling, thinking of football fun with you today.
Going to bed. Alone. But less alone than I’ve been, as I have all your sexy, sweet words to take with me. Will stay awake for awhile thinking about you. Mmm…
Phil September 19 at 9:52pm
Sounds like great fun. I like tequilarias
Would love to have you lick anything off my body.

Phil September 19 at 9:54pm
Sipping scotch on the porch. Was just on the beach. Spectacular nite.

Phil September 19 at 9:56pm
Only thing missing is a hot mouth, soft tits, hot tight pussy, pretty ass, soft hands

Phil September 19 at 10:26pm
Sitting on the deck, naked, slowly stroking my hard cock. Wish I had someone to take care of it

Phil September 19 at 10:27pm
Need a soft mouth
Phil September 20 at 10:32am
Now sitting in the tub, hard, horny, need relief.

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