P.S. (a poem)

September 18 at 4:47pm
A brief poem for you. I don’t understand it, but I know what he means.
by Franz Wright
(Pulitzer Prize winning American poet)
I close my eyes and see
a seagull in the desert
high, against unbearably blue sky.
There is hope in the past.
Iā€™m writing to you
all the time, I am writing
with both hands,
day and night.

September 18 at 4:54pm
I see you in a chaise by the pool. Maybe I can convince you to go for a swim with me. Get me completely wet. Maybe lose my top…and the bottom.
September 18 at 5:09pm
Or I could roll you over… put some lotion on your back… massage your back until you are nearly asleep, then loose my fingers in your ass… and make my way to your balls… gently, gently… squeezing. put my mouth on you, too. Lick around your waist… your ass… here… or there, slowly up to your shoulders. Bite just a little. Scratch a little. Not let you kiss me or touch me. Just have my way with your other side.
September 18 at 5:22pm
Always glad to help. Hope that… helped.
September 18 at 10:11pm
Hiya! Hope you’re having a great evening. I keep wishing you’ll call me. But I know that is tough. I don’t expect it.
September 18 at 10:15pm
I spent about 4 hours writing tonight. My main goal is to make you more comfortable about gap in our experience level. So I was getting my facts straight about my past.
I wrote up my entire romantic history. My plan was to include the guys who “count” – which I define as “penetrated.” But that left you out, which isn’t right, since you are such a crucial part of the early history of my heart. So I started with my first crush at age 9, and typed in everything I could remember!
And no, don’t worry, I won’t send it to you. Might share the “count.” Or tell the stories in context. If there is something you want to know, you can always ask.
September 18 at 10:30pm
All that rooting around in my love life wore me out. I am off to bed early. Maybe I will dream of you and a wall… or a desk… or a bed… or the pool… or out under the stars. BUNK!
Phil September 18 at 10:32pm
I will tell you my number. 6 is the grand total. Only been with wife. I remember everything about each one. I will never forget any of them. There were others from way back when. 

The only one who counted was you. I would love to hear the stories. Will share any of my history you want to hear. You were my second love. You were many firsts in my life. That kiss is a landmark. I am watching a John Denver Special. I loved his music. So many memories.

Phil September 18 at 10:40pm
It was only 5. Recounted
September 18 at 10:44pm
Oooh! I adore John Denver. I can still sing so many of his songs. “Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy” “Take Me Home, Country Roads” “Rocky Mt. High” “Poems, Prayers, and Promises” “Thank God, I’m a Country Boy.” Is he doing any of those?
Phil September 18 at 10:52pm
Heading off to bed. Nite Sassy. Sleep well, pleasant dreams. šŸ™‚

Phil September 18 at 10:59pm
All of them. So good to see him singing them
September 18 at 11:05pm
Very interesting number. I am surprised how fascinating I find all this. Nifty parts of the “Philip puzzle.”  Thank you for telling me. 
Since you’re being so forthright, I will try to be, too. If you get to six, then I am not sure how to count. This is people you dated? Kissed?
How can I be the only one who counts? That startles me. Maybe it ties in to why you’d be unfaithful now after turning down so many other chances. Maybe not something you can explain in a FB msg.
Starting at age 9, there are six guys that did not involve sex. I don’t officially count any of those. Mostly because I can’t remember much about them at this point.  My official number is 11.  Want to be number 12? šŸ™‚
That counts my three serious relationships that I mentioned before – 2 plus Hubby.  I think you knew #1 from home, but maybe we shouldn’t go there. 
So there were 8 other adventures. I’ve talked about three already – mostly once (like the solider in Mexico or one weekend like my other internet romance), or the “same time, next year” fellow. So that leaves five other guys, all very short term.  This is what happens when you don’t get married until your late 30s.  I hope this helps narrow the experience gap you perceived. Makes you more comfortable. Makes you less able to control your desire for me with pessimism on that front. šŸ™‚
September 18 at 11:13pm
Five. I think you’ve told me about each one – [list of names]. See – I was listening. šŸ™‚  Are they all your friends on FB? Yikes. You and my husband are the only ones I am still in touch with.
Ah, so many questions. But the answers can wait.  Sleep well, sweet man.

September 18 at 11:56pm
Phew! I just spent 45 minutes bopping around youtube listening to one John Denver song after another. Damn, that man could sing. HIs lyrics speak to me. He knew a lot about love and life. Now I am really going to bed.

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