Nobody does it better

September 17 at 12:17am
Headed to bed…leaving you a song before I go.
“Nobody Does It Better” by Carly Simon

Nobody does it better
Makes me feel sad for the rest
Nobody does it half as good as you
Baby, you’re the best
I wasn’t lookin’ but somehow you found me
It tried to hide from your love light
But like heaven above me
The guy who loved me
Is keepin’ all my secrets safe tonight
And nobody does it better
Though sometimes I wish someone could
Nobody does it quite the way you do
Why’d you have to be so good?
The way that you hold me
Whenever you hold me
There’s some kind of magic inside you
That keeps me from runnin’
But just keep it comin’
How’d you learn to do the things you do?
Oh, and nobody does it better
Makes me feel sad for the rest
Nobody does it half as good as you
Baby, baby, darlin’, you’re the best
Baby you’re the best
Darlin’, you’re the best
Baby you’re the best
September 17 at 7:56am
Good morning! Big sad news today…UMass Marching Band leader died at age 57 last night after their show. Didn’t know much about them except for a couple of our friends are alums. But it’s one of those stories where I can sympathize. So sad. Life is short… 
Rainy morning here… but I feel great! Hope you have any easy time painting. I will think of you and Boston Creme donuts.
Phil September 17 at 9:00am
I like Boston Cream too. My favorite pie. Almost never eat it though. That’s so sad about the band leader. So young. I didn’t say love to complicate things, make anything more serious or anything else. You were my kind of girl, a little out there, free spirited, fun. We fit. I went out with other girls, remember bits and pieces but not much. Remember every girl I ever went out with, not that many of them. Only a couple really stayed in my heart and my mind. I know what lust feels like, know what like is, know what being in love feels like. I see the best in people. I often don’t see the other side until much later. I’m a much better judge at work. Ah well. We have led interesting lives. I have certainly enjoyed mine. I have wonderful friends, loved, laughed, cried, would not change much if I could. Enough philosophical dribble. I’m off to the gym and then on to painting. Later sexy girl.
September 17 at 9:29am
Wow! It is so great to start my day with you!
Phil September 17 at 10:27am
70 minutes running. I’m awake now!

September 17 at 10:38am
You’re so cute when you philosophically dribble!
I’m taking it in the right spirit – interesting to see what you’re thinking. Thinking about what you say. See how it fits with my thinking. Nice to know I am not alone in my musing.
It is not ruining the fun. Fun comes in many forms. Like there are different kinds of sex – wild, crazy or slow, sweet – all very fun.
Try not to filter. Saves energy. Makes our bond deeper, unique. Think “I can tell her anything. She gets it.”
It does shock me how often you write something and I think “Hunh. I could have written that sentence.” Not something that I think with anyone else’s writing.
September 17 at 10:53am
Will be off the grid for a couple of hours. Get my hair done. Not going to let them cut it. Want to be able to let it down. Way down. After that, I will really be ready to see you. 🙂
Phil September 17 at 1:05pm
Running around the house singing at the top of my lungs, painting. Looks good. I hate to paint but got the place to myself, tunes cranked up, this is ok

September 17 at 1:30pm
Wow! That almost sounds like fun!
I survived a trip to the salon. I hate going there. I am not into the whole “beauty industry!” I am not ordinarily very “girlie” – no makeup, no perfume, no jewelry, no nail polish, no frilly clothes or silly shoes. No pink. Ever. But you make me want to be girlie again, in certain ways. Hee!
September 17 at 4:04pm
So how’s the painting going? Hope it went well. I wish I could hear you singing…
Been a weird day. First the UMass bandleader drops dead, then an older man who works nearby was found dead at home this morning. 
I am completely alone in the main office. A very rare thing. So quiet. Too much time to think. So I am indulging in a fantasy about you and me and an outdoor waterfall! HAH!
I’ll go home as soon as Hubby appears to ferry me away. He is having a bad day…*sigh*
We’re supposed to go see a musical tonight at MIT. We’ll see if that actually happens. 
Have a lovely evening!

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