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CHAT September 9, 2010
We talked about football, then he said good night.  I said “Sleep well.  Don’t think about my tongue” and one thing led to another…and he came and said that he had cum all over his stomach.  I said I’d like to draw pictures in it with my fingers and then…
wipe it….places
or run to the shower with you!
12:13am Phil to bed,
12:13am Me I know…I know…you are just too good.  Sleep now.
12:13am Phil rather rub it into your tits, on your ass
12:13am Me Oh!
12:14am Phil sleep good nite
12:14am Me great night
12:14am Phil gotta get a towel
12:14am Me I could lick it up…
Sorry…I know I know…
so hard to stop
12:14am Phil oh man, my cock just jumped
12:14am Me have to downshift…
suck it…
12:15am Phil I want to see my cock in your mouth so bad
oh yeah,
12:15am Me it’s going to be so tough not to do within the first 10 minutes
12:16am Phil I love to be sucked, love to have my balls fondled, licked, sucked
12:16am Me Hi! unzip…slurp. Long time, no see…now let me touch you!
12:16am Phil maybe a finger playing with my ass
12:16am Me only one?

12:16am Phil uh huh
12:17am Me tongue might wander there…
12:17am Phil use what ever you like
I’ll enjoy it
that’s the most intense thing
12:17am Me the ass? ever had any…um…toys there?
12:18am Phil oh yes, tongue there is amazing
no but would certainly try that
12:18am Me something that vibrates, maybe…
you just took a deep breath, didn’t you?
12:19am Phil imagine it would feel awesome especially the vibration
12:19am Me could be…
12:19am Phil yeah I did breathe 
12:19am Me lovely
There’s a great adult store here
12:20am Phil cock is dripping again
cool – I like toy stores
12:20am Me I don’t know much about them, but would like to learn…for you…
see what trouble I can cause….
12:21am Phil LOL
12:21am Me Mmmm….
12:21am Phil sounds like fun. Need sleep, have to drive tomorrow and then renovate a house
goodnite sexy girl
12:22am Me Sleep well… sweet man
12:22am Phil going to dream about your fingers, tongue, toys in my ass
mouth on my cock
12:22am Me I’d like to tune in to that channel…
12:22am Phil I’m sure I will. You too
12:23am Me Go before I ravage you again!
12:23am Phil nite Sassy

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