Thursday thoughts

Thursday thoughts
Between Phil and You
September 9 at 6:42am
Good morning! Happy Football season! Another gorgeous morning here…sun coming up, bouncing off the high clouds. Fall is definitely in the chilly air. Love it!
Phil September 9 at 7:33am
Nice cool morning here too! Feels wonderful! I am most definitely ready for some football. I love football season, the change in the weather, games starting, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas all coming. Great time of the year. Have a great day Sassy.

September 9 at 10:37am
Very quiet in the office… talking to a co-worker about wedding planning. 
I woke up feeling energized – pulled out photo albums and diaries from my closet. Didn’t find the year we dated… going to the storage area later. I’m determined to find what I wrote and/or find a photo. Maybe fun or…something.
Phil September 9 at 9:35pm
good evening. Good game so far. How was your day? hope you had a good one!
September 9 at 9:39pm
hiya! I was wondering how it was going…saw the score on ESPN…thanks for checking in! Interesting day…I was time traveling.
Phil September 9 at 10:13pm
Love to hear about it. Vikes are up, game is living up to the hype. Loving it. Enjoy the rest of the evening. How was time traveling?

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