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Between Phil and You
September 8 at 12:57am
Please tell me where you were on September 11, 2001.
September 8 at 6:39am
The farm blog I was telling you about on the phone is Bedlam Farm

It has lovely photos of his dogs and farm animals, and he muses about life in an interesting way, just a little each day.  It takes me away from the city to another way of life.  I got to it originally from a Slate article by Jon Katz about Lenore & Brutus…great little piece of writing about a different sort of flirtation. 

My dog has a crush on a ram
I cleared my throat and adopted my most paternal voice. “Lenore,” I said, “This isn’t going to work.
Phil September 8 at 6:41am
Happy Birthday! 
I was in my office in D.C.
September 8 at 7:15am
Good morning! Thank you for the birthday wish! My FB wall is filling up with them.  We’re having a morning thunderstorm! That is so bizarre.
September 8 at 7:33am
Someone just asked me – if you could do anything you wanted tonight, money no object, what would that be? (I think it’s a ploy to get me to tell him where I want to go to dinner.)
Little do they know that I would like to be at home on my computer, talking to a certain fella…sharing…stuff.
or if I was to go hog wild, on a plane to D.C. to find him lying in bed with a big red bow around his…midsection.
Or if I was to go really whole hog, I’d hop a lear jet. Make a quick stop in D.C. and then land at the Cancun airport…and hole up in a hotel room on the beach. Looking out at the silly kool-aid blue water now and then, when I am not…busy.
But no…I am going to work today. Try not to notice as they as sneak an ice cream cake into the office. And then have a quiet dinner out with hubby. He’s planning something bigger for Saturday. But I will be thinking of the bow…and the beach. And smiling. Like I haven’t smiled in years. Thank you. 🙂
Phil September 8 at 7:56am
Have a wonderful day, a wonderful dinner. Enjoy your day! Got my orders this morning. Out of this hell hole and back to a real job!
September 8 at 9:43am
So this is the official “You’re going” thing?
Phil September 8 at 11:53am
Uh huh. Looking forward to the job. 

September 8 at 12:15pm
Alone in the office…weird. That never happens. Cranked a music video just because I could. Heh.

[I posted my favorite figure skating video… Torvill & Dean’s incredible Paso Doble from the 1984 Olympics, a passionate pas de deux between Gold Medal dancers, that many believe is the best 2 minutes ever in figure skating]

Phil September 8 at 12:30pm
It’s your birthday! Do what ever you want!

September 8 at 12:46pm
Watch what you say to me…I might drag you into my “wants.” *wink*

September 8 at 3:21pm
The festivities continue! My staff just “surprised me” with a chocolate cupcake and bonbons! They are very sweet.

Phil September 8 at 3:42pm
Cupcakes and BonBons are good. Cost you and hour on a treadmill but good. Everything that tastes good costs time doing something painful. I like to work out but its still painful to know after 45 minutes, I worked off a cookie. Oh well, I refuse to give up. Glad you are being pampered on your day. Hope it continues through the night. Have fun!
September 8 at 4:14pm 
Oh, I know all about calories. I learned a long time ago that they are what they put in food to make it taste good!
September 8 at 4:20pm
LOL, yup, low fat, low calories = tastes like shit. 
September 8 at 5:13pm
I am outta here at last! Off to eat LOBSTER RISOTTO! I am feeling really celebrated.  More later…
Phil September 8 at 5:56pm
U suck 🙂
Phil September 8 at 7:44pm
That’s OK, I have a Chipotle burrito bowl, cold beer, good tunes and a book on the patio! Very nice too. Enjoy the Lobster, Sassy.
September 8 at 9:23pm
Hey there, handsome. Come in off the patio and make my birthday a night to remember.

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