New Relationship Energy

Don’t you just love “New Relationship Energy?!”  21 messages and two chats with him today… WOW!

Phil August 30 at 5:21am
I have a definite idea. We would of course meet outside some place. We would see each other and walk towards one another. I would hug you, kiss you on the cheek, feeling your breasts against me. We would head towards the restaurant hand in hand
Phil August 30 at 5:25am
I’m up for talking on the phone. Very up for it. Love the thought of your hands doing something much more useful than typing. Sounds hot, sexy and fun. Got me hard instantly just thinking about it!

The wall 
Between Phil and You
August 30 at 8:26am
Good morning! Another hot day here…they’re saying we may get 5 days in the 90’s! That never happens here that late. It certainly fit my mood. 😉
Here’s a video for you to watch sometime. Ignore the first 20 seconds. It may explain where I got the idea that walls are sexy. Music is edgy and good words.
It’s from the British series “Red Cap” about the UK Army police in Germany. It’s mostly about their investigations of crimes, but there is a subplot about two of the officers trying to keep their hands off each other. The woman, Jo, is a gorgeous blond, so everyone assumes she’s a dope. But she is the smartest, toughest one of the bunch…very solitary and independent and fierce. She can charm men or break their arm. The guy, Phil Roper, is the gentle, friendly one, married, allowed to have longer hair so he can do undercover work, so everyone calls him “Hippy.”
So it’s all about her learning to be less independent…and more sexy.

Dinner details
Between Phil and You

Phil August 30 at 9:39am
We would sit side by side. That way we can touch and tease. I want to run my fingers along the inside of your thigh, teasing, maybe accidentally brush my hand across your breast. Gives you the opportunity to do what you like. Would love to feel your hand slide up my leg and then boldly grab my now very hard cock in your hand. The rest of dinner would be more of the same with some seductive finger licking and looks. 

I assume, I would have a room close by. As soon as the elevator door closes, I press you against the wall, my tongue darting into your mouth. My hard cock pressing into you, your hips pushing back. My hands go to your breasts, until the door opens. 

We get into the room tossing off clothes. Your eyes are glued to my cock, my eyes taking in your breasts, seeing your aroused nipples. I push you back on the bed, spread your legs and start licking and kissing up your thighs. My tongue is licking the outside of your pussy teasing before parting your lips and tasting you. It does not take long for you to cum for the first time. I am loving your taste, smell and the motion of your body as you go over the edge again. 

You push me back saying your turn. I lay back as you stroke me and then you bring your lips to the head of my cock and give it some gentle licks before taking it into your mouth. Its all I can do not to cum right there. Your fingers are playing with my balls and ass as you continue to lick and suck me. By now I am moaning and my hips are thrusting and then just before I cum, you back away. I take a nipple in my mouth gently sucking and licking. I spread your legs with my knee as I climb between them. My cock is brushing your pussy, we are looking into each others eyes as I slowly slide inside of you. So hot and so wet. When I am in, your eyes close as we begin to move together. It does not take long, I can tell you are about to cum and I can’t hold on as I cum inside you, I feel you go too. We lie together like that and start to move again faster and harder now. Just getting started.

Phil August 30 at 9:55am
Would love to hear some stories. Never had group sex before. Not opposed just never had the opportunity. Not sure I could keep track either. Anal is fun if its done gently and patiently. Dick is the dirtiest thing you have said, loved it. You would see me get hard and stay that way. I’ve had sex outside, been watched, did it with another couple in the room, been approached by swingers. Would love to hear your fantasies. I am neither shy nor inhibited. I am gentle though and patient, will take my cues from you. I would never go any place you did not want to go. Anything that feels good is ok with me. Not into pain at all. Have to admit I have thought of slipping my tongue in your ass, was not sure if that would make you uncomfortable. Hope this helps. My dick is not only hard but throbbing. Glad you liked the pics. Continuing to work out and diet to improve the view.

Phil August 30 at 10:02am
Hope you end up with wet panties and sudden urge to go to your bunk! 🙂
Phil August 30 at 10:09am
How did you go from so sexual to nothing? Have you at least taken care of things your self? Tell me more! Wish I was in place to take things in hand. Would love to cum on your tits and lick them clean. Damn I’m horny! 
Phil August 30 at 10:11am
Looked down and I have a large wet spot on the front of my pants. Cool!
August 30 at 12:05pm
Busy day at the office, so quick comments. I so wish I could call in sick and be at home to respond in full to each of these messages. I have this terrible fever… between my legs. And tingling in my chest. And my breathing is all labored and I can’t keep my hands above the desk! I need a cure. Maybe an appt. with Dr. Philip?
But there is a lot to do here. Payroll…emails…meetings… such fun. not.
Your visions of dinner sound just right! Although there are probably thousands of permutations all of which would be fine if we’re together. Has anyone ever told you that you write really well? You have a fabulous way of describing it so I can exactly what is happening. I don’t want it to be all about the physical side, but that is so powerful, it may take over. And with the short timing and distance, it seems right to focus on that when we are face-to-face. Or face to tits or whatever..
I was nodding (and then breathing a bit quickly) at each step, thinking “That could work” or “Oh…that would be so HOT!” Definitely BUNK material. I should have known a military guy would be able to figure out the logistics of a dinner. I am so used to doing all the planning in my life…it’s great to have someone who can plan, and what amazing plans they are!
I will warn you that I do swear a little more, and use more evocative, dirty words, in person. Typing them just doesn’t work for me. But in person, in your ear…you may hear them.
I have also been thinking about us as teenagers…thinking about what you’ve said about our times together. I’m trying to visualize you returning to me at some point in H.S…maybe after you went into the service. Trying to put aside what was (who you are with or who I’m with or the almost insurmountable taboos…) and think of what might have been…let our chemistry take over, when I had that girl’s body. My first time was fine, but I was thinking about what it would have been like with you. Were you ever in my teenage bed?
I wonder if you would have fantasized about me for the rest of your life if you’d been inside me then. Whether it would have made for better fantasies because you’d have had more real stuff to recall, or whether you’d have been over it once we did it all. No way to tell…but makes for interesting mental exercises.
And then I think about running into you during my wild first year on the Internet…figure out how email and chat worked together and putting them to good use.
And then I think about running into you when I was in London 10 years ago… making good use of the hotel room bed.

I guess I can sum that all up into “I’ve been thinking about you. A lot.”
Damn it…there seems to be no such thing as a short answer.

[We had a brief Facebook chat (which I didn’t keep…argh!) during my lunch hour. He described fucking me bent over my desk.  I explained that I work in an open office with other people, and at that very moment, my boss was sitting on the desk across from me, so if he was fucking me, it would be quite public and while that sounded hot, it might be a tad risky!]
Phil August 30 at 12:10pm
Seeing you talk about fucking me about made me have heart palpitations. Was not sure you used that word. You have been so demure. I was so hoping to hear you say fuck me at some point. Just saw flights to Logan, 78 bucks round trip. I can not wait to be deep inside you.
Phil August 30 at 12:21pm
Just read your message. I was never in your bed. Would have loved that. At camp I had my hands down the back of your coveralls. I loved holding your ass. Later we found a quite spot and I got to see, feel and taste your tits. It was on a school bus that I slipped a finger inside of you. You were so wet and smelled and tasted so good. If we had sex back then, I would still have fantasized about you. Would have relived it over and over. Would have thought about that hot ass and how I would have enjoyed that. Would have thought about you sucking me, me eating you. Would have been the same. 
August 30 at 12:47pm
The idea of you thinking about me all these years is wild…that while I was lying in a cold bed, or working my tail off, or watching figure skating in a cold arena, or seeing a play, you were all over the world thinking about me…it’s freaky and hot…it does make me wonder why now? Why did you wait so long to find me…I know, life happens.
And then I have a moment of panic when I think of what might have happened you, in harm’s way on a ship, or a frickin’ car accident in D.C. and I would never have known. And another panic when because something could happen at any moment now and I would never get to see you. Surely fate will not be that unkind. But look both ways before you cross the street, okay?
I am looking at Google maps seeing how long it takes to drive to D.C. and you are looking at flights to Logan. What a pair…
Phil August 30 at 1:00pm
I had no real way to contact you. Thinking about it and doing it are different things. I have been married for a long tie, was separated for awhile, now back together for a lot of reasons. Did not prevent my fantasies, did not stop me from thinking it. It’s very enjoyable to speak to a woman with few hang ups, who I feel I can be up front with. I feel like I can say anything to you. I like that.
Phil August 30 at 1:12pm
I’ll look both ways. As I said, not many women in my life and I remember them all. You always had an attitude that turned me on. You were very forward and I liked that a lot. Still do. I also am looking forward to catching up and talking. I’ll enjoy that. The sex will most likely take priority. Look forward to hearing some stories, talking on the phone where you feel comfortable. I can’t wait to hear your voice laying naked on my bed stroking my cock as we talk. Having you hear me when I cum. I want to hear you too. I want to know that your hands are squeezing your tit’s while the other is gently rubbing your clit, imagining that it was my tongue. You owe me a decent picture by the way. Be happy to exchange one for one. What would you like to see?
August 30 at 1:26pm
Are there really still “women with hang ups” at our age? Geesh.
I am around such open people…I forget the rest of the world is not so much. Only get reminded when I got to to the Midwest to visit Hubby’s family. Heh.
The community here is probably what most people would consider wild…whatever characteristic you look at, we have it all…straight, gay, transgendered, poly, BDSM and asexuals; Christian, Jewish, Buddhists, Hindu, mostly non-religious; Burlesque performers and teachers; rich, poor, sane and clincially insane…has taught me a lot.
Do you know any Poly people? There are lot of them here. Would not be surprised if you don’t even know what that is…I didn’t until recently.

August 30 at 1:38pm
A decent picture? I don’t think that’s what you mean…
I can’t fathom sending you a photo. You can’t imagine how tough it was for me to even show off my new glasses. You realize I got my husband to take that photo? There hasn’t been a photo of me that I’ve liked in about 15 years.
I will try to figure it out…but the combination of not having the body and “don’t email anything you don’t want to see on the front page of the paper” is stymying me. I think your imagination is better than anything I could send. I know that’s not fair. I will make it up to you somehow… 😉
Phil August 30 at 1:39pm
Have no idea what Poly is. Have lots of gay friends. Big fan of gay rights. Always felt people should be who and what they are. I don’t think I have many hangups. People should do what makes them happy. The Military forces us into a mold but you see and experience a lot. So what is Poly?

August 30 at 1:40pm
Wait…fingers…inside me…on a school bus? How the heck did that happen? Were there kids all around us? Tell!
Phil August 30 at 1:54pm
Many women/people with hangups at our age. I’ve been to nude beaches, like to be naked in fact. Been a hot tub naked with friends, strait and gay. Never had any issues with people seeing me or touching me. I know so many guys whose wives won’t do this or that. Some have wives who simply hate sex and always did. So yea, lots of hang ups
Phil August 30 at 2:08pm
No problem with a photo. I’ll never push anything. That’s not any fun. I trust you would not post my pics on the front page. I do not remember where we were coming back from. Chorus event, ball game, don’t remember. We were in the back of the bus, me by the window, you kind of leaned back on me. We were kissing and my hand was down the back of your pants. Over the course of the trip, my hand ended up down the front of your pants. You were so wet, my fingers slipped inside easily. You covered it with your arm. There were other kids all around. Was very hot. My dick was pressing into your side. I know you felt it but you would not touch me. You let me touch you any place I wanted. Loved holding your ass in my hands. Running my fingers down your crack….. Wish it had been my tongue.
Phil August 30 at 2:10pm
Getting nothing done. Can’t think of anything but fucking you. Gonna go to the gym. Need some kind of physical release.

August 30 at 3:03pm
Why did I go from 120 to 0 on the sex front? Tough to explain without explaining about hubby. I’ve typed a bunch of sentences and deleted them all. It’s complicated. In the same way that you don’t talk about your wife. Can do it, just not a fun topic.
The simple answer is “because he didn’t want me, told me I wasn’t attractive anymore.” Which is true.
Also, as you said, never had the opportunity. No one has offered…no one flirts with me or even looks at me twice. I don’t know what I would have done if a man  had gotten a crush on me. Probably nothing, as I was “church lady” or “head of the office lady.” But I am not at all sure.
But that makes him sound like a cold jerk, which he isn’t. He’s messed up. As in, severe mental illness. Was born that way, according to his mother. And abused as a child by the housekeeper and his old brothers. On lots of pills, doctors, therapists. Can’t work…on disability. Some days he is the creative, funny, talented guy. Other days he is non-functioning lump, sleeping, crying, cutting himself, angry, suicidal…never know which on any given day. He does not direct any of that at me. I know that one day I will come home and he will have killed himself. I’ve kept him from doing it for 16 years and will keep trying, but any given day his brain chemistry may finally fail spectacularly.
He thinks he is bisexual, and polyamorous, but he rarely does anything about it, as his medicines make him impotent.  He has been unfaithful but usually short-lived and sorry.
There…now tell me a little about your spousal situation and we’ll call it even and try to move beyond it. And get back to fun stuff!

Phil August 30 at 4:14pm
I have to say my situation is nothing like that. Wife has always been a very controlling pushy woman. She has few friends and a lot of people simply don’t care for her. As the years went on, she became more ill tempered and often down right nasty. I have a rather care free cavalier attitude that rubs her the wrong way some times. Sex had become unimaginative and routine. I performed when I was expected to. About two years ago, I decided I had enough and no longer wanted to be treated that way. I moved out. Stayed out a little over six months. Lived at the beach and had a blast. Kids talked me into trying again. Back for about 7 months and again, no real changes. This time we talked a lot more. The financial impact of a divorce would have been significant. We get along very well and she does the military wife thing very well. While I was gone, I dated a young lady who was amazing. Later discovered she was not being very honest with me and there were other issues as well. She was very uninhibited, easy to talk to, had that incredible attitude. Wife and I are wonderful friends, we enjoy dinners, wineries etc. I am very active, she is not. I love to party, love music, like to have a good time, her not so much. I am non judgmental, free spirited, she’s very conservative and controlled, no temper here, quick tempered there. I really have no limits sexually, she very conservative. She really does not know what I like, my fantasies, things I’d love to try. The things we have said to each other I would not say to her. Could never tell her I’d like to slip my tongue in your ass or anything even remotely kinkier than that. I never once cheated, just had a very predictable sex life. Guess that’s a hell of a lot better than no sex life. She likes being the officer’s wife. She is good at it. She enjoys the financial perks and being at the top of the military food chain. Not such a big deal to me. Guess that adequately covers that unless you have questions.

August 30 at 4:58pm
Thank you for sharing. I hope I answered your questions, and you can see why I didn’t automatically toss that in between camp and bus and dinner…it is nice to get away from it all for a moment. But it makes sense for you to understand where I am. And for me to know about your situation. May help avoid land mines.
So much of what goes on in one relationship is bouncing off what happened in another…I got the feeling when you asked me certain questions that it was “Wife won’t do this…will you?” Which is fine. Hubby was married before, and I am very different from his first wife, so I am used to the unsaid “well, she never let me” when he asks things.
I shouldn’t scoff about hang-ups, since I can’t manage to send you a photo. You have a great body and happily show it off. I have other talents that I hope to show you in other ways. Don’t hesitate to ask for what you want from me…photos, explanations, or ass-licking. I will do it if I can, or try to tell you why not. I will not think less of you for asking. I have come to believe more and more in honesty and openess. Which may get interesting when it comes down to being unfaithful…
I’m sad that you don’t have the perfect girl for you…and I don’t have a healthy husband who is attracted to me. I hope we can give each other some of what we’re missing on other fronts.
Phil August 30 at 5:33pm
I can honestly say it never occurred to me that wife won’t do this will you. My brain really does not work that way. I just found it very easy to talk about those things with you. Your outlook and attitude are very much more open minded. I do,t feel there is anything I would be inhibited to ask you. That’s a nice change. Being in the military and dealing with female comrades, they tend to be very open, frank and uninhibited. Had many sexual discussions over beers about what women liked and what guys liked. They told me things they did to their guys. Was educational. 

I’m interested in those other talents. What have you done that really turned a guy on? Anything that you considered really out there? I have close friends who are very open. We sit in their hot tub naked and talk about life, politics, sex. I openly admire her body, she openly looks at mine. Other than play footsies in the tub, we never explored anything further, but I learned a lot from her. She is a no taboo person and openly discusses her experiences. My only requirement is that my partner be clean. I shower a couple times a day often more. Morning, before bed and after a workout.

On my way home. Have a bar around the corner that does half price burgers and dollar margaritas on Monday. I like to hang out there and shoot darts, read, use the wi-fi. Gets me out of the apartment which is nice. My room mate teaches high school. He is also a coach. Good guy. That’s where I will be till later. Got facebook there and the game. Looking forward to later. Love to relieve a little tension. I can’t get real specific on a work machine but no issue on mine. Loved hearing fuck, dick, ass today. Gives me a better picture. That’s what I thought and imagined and hoped for. I don’t shock easily and you have said nothing shocking but damn. This is hot!

Poly 101 
Between Phil and You
August 30 at 5:50pm
So. What’s poly?
Very simply, it is the idea that you love more than one person at a time, with everyone aware of what’s going on.

They think monogamy is unnatural – that you can’t get everything you need from one person, and it is great to have more than one person in your life, and multiple people to support a household and raise children.
This is NOT polygamy, where one man is married to multiple women a la the old style Mormons. It is NOT swinging, were you swap partners for a night once a month on alternate Saturdays.
Around us, it means Jane is married to Joe, and they also live with Ken, who is sleeping with both of them and helping to raise Jane & Joe’s daughter Elaine.
Or Sara and Sam live together, and Sam goes out with Mary every Thursday night to see horror movies (which Sara hates) and get laid. Sara may go with Susie, or Steve on Thursdays. Or she may be monogamous. And straight. Or bi.
Or Nell would live with Ted, and 6 times a year, Ted would fly to D.C. to visit his secondary, Louise.
Lots of different models.
There was a great article in the Boston Globe about it awhile back that was  amazingly unsensational.
Terms – your wife is your “primary” and anyone else is a “secondary.”
So if you and your wife lived in a poly world, you could live with her and sleep with her and she could be an officer’s wife. and she would gladly let you fly up to see my now and then, and do all the sexy stuff she is not interested in, and she and I might be friends who help keep you happy. And she might go out with Fred while you’re away. We’d all talk about what she gets and what I get and what you get and figure out ways to split up the schedule and tasks etc.
(Phew…that sounds kind of impossible…but I have friends who’re making it work.)
I think more power to them. But I have enough trouble managing one relationship and feel monogamous myself.

But that was before you found me again and now I don’t know.
Read up and ask if you have questions.
Phil August 30 at 5:59pm
Wow, I had no clue. I know people who live like that and it works for them. No one knows except for very trusted friends cause we live in the bible belt and oh my goodness, the talk that would stir. My friends live downtown in a fairly liberal environment. My wife knows them but has no clue. Thinks the other guy just rents a room and they al get along really well. Little does she know. Did not know that kind of relationship had a name though. Would never be my wife’s thing. She freaks about the hot tub. I’m getting an education. I like it.

Bar & Cars 
Between Phil and You
August 30 at 6:10pm
So I am off to dinner at a local bar.  
And then I have to help one of my assistants from work move. This is what happens when you own a mini-van. Everyone calls you when they’re moving! I don’t move anything, just sit there thinking of you while her friends load my car. I wish you could ride along…
And the entire time, I will be thinking about you and not focusing on what I should be doing!
I will think of everything you wrote today…the bus…you coming between my breasts…you pressing me against the wall of the elevator. And more…
I had to giggle as I got into the elevator leaving work today…there is a female voice that says “Going down…” and I was imagining you in the elevator with me, licking me…
I will look for you online when I get home…gotta run.
Phil August 30 at 7:29pm
I have a truck and guess what. Difference is I help move. Big strong back comes in handy. I don”t mind. I’m always willing to lend a hand. 

What is your favorite place that you have visited. I have several. 
[he talks about places all over the world his military travels have taken him]

I love good food, love to cook. I like to entertain. I like people, like to be around people. I also like the quiet and being secluded. I love to read. My Kindle is my favorite toy. I like to exercise, play most sports, do my best to stay fit. I have been accussed of being to easy going, too laid back. I treat people the way I want to be treated. I can be direct when I need to be but not my preference. I’d be very happy in a beach house some place. 

I like art, I love music (all kinds), like movies, prefer theater, love New York (city), like Boston too except for their damn sports teams. 

I have always been monagamous but am not so sure about that any more. I am not looking to leave home, it’s not bad and it would cost me much more than its worth (I think). My life is comfortable. What I lack is passion. I am a passionate person in an unpassionate relationship. Perhaps i can get that else where and it will be ok. I truely don’t know. I was with a girl who saw nothing wrong with her openly flirting with other guys and coming onto another woman but let some one look at me and stand by. Not good. I was open to anything at this point. My experience has been very limited. I am open to your frank appraisal and recommendations. 

You may be the first women I have ever been with who will actually tell me what you want and what feels good. I will do the same. A finger, tongue, anything near my butt drives me crazy. Love it. Not sure why but I just do. I like to reciprocate as well. I like feet, I love tits (what man does not) do not mind the taste of my cum, like the taste of yours (I remember), want to bite, lick, kiss that ass that I held so many years ago. I realize it is not the same shape or size, neither is mine. So much for me is attitude. When a woman feels sexy and her attitude is, I’ll rock your world, that’s awesome. I like it when you also have no aversion to the way you taste and have no issue kissing me after I have gone down on you. I liked the elevator thought. Would love to go down on you in an elevator. Very exciting. 

I don’t know what this is. It’s sexy and it’s fun. It will be very hot. We both need to be able to deal with the aftermath. Will you feel guilty, will you expect more than I can deliver, will I be good enough, will the sex be amazing or dissapointing. I think I can answer that. Think my spelling is going to crap. Having margarittas and a burger. Rather be having you. Like to throw your legs over my shoulders and fuck you hard and fast, then slow and easy, and repeat. I love sex, think every inch of the body is sexy and an errogenous zone.  
Phil August 30 at 8:03pm
Bars are my kind of place. Good bar, good food, simple food. I like it. Probably a dark corner where we could explore each other. Don”t want much more than a glass of wine or a beer to drink. Want all my faculties working. Want to see, smell, feel and taste you completely. I want to cum inside you and on you. 

I am not comparing you to anyone. Could care less what anyone else will or will not do. I care what Sassy wants to do, enjoys doing. If you want to stick a finger up my ass, do it, if you don’t, don’t. If you like a tongue in your ass, great, I love to do that, if not tell me. I don’t need to do anything. This about two people pleasing each other. Its just as important to me to make you feel great and to please you as it is for me to be pleased. I want to hear you moan, gasp, sigh. I want to feel your pussy clench as you cum, watch your tits flush, feel you pull my tongue deeper inside of you. 

I am again so hard thinking about this. My cock is dripping and throbbing. I want to be talking or chatting to you as I stroke my cock, telling you what I’d like to do to do to you and what I’d like you to do to me. I want to cum with you listening. I want to hear you cum. I love knowing that I get you wet. I remember that hot, wet, sweet tasting pussy and I want more. I want to bury my cock deep inside of you and fuck you till we both explode. Can’t wait to feel my cum shoot deep inside of you, your pussy pulsating with your own orgasm, pulling every drop from me. Then we can lick and suck and stroke each other to another. Maybe between your tits, maybe on your ass, maybe in your mouth. Teach me some new cool stuff. I don’t know much. I have a hard cock that never goes down so I can play for a long time. I’m not one of those cum and done guys. I want to taste your tongue in my mouth, taste your lips. I want to suck your nipples into my mouth, gently biting, can’t wit to slip my cock between them. I like toys and I like to watch, all good. Man, I need to cum. Help me cum baby, I can’t wait!

Phil August 30 at 9:50pm
just out of the shower. laying naked in bed watching tv
August 30 at 9:57pm
Home now. Looking for you…

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